Monday, July 21, 2014

Egypt and Gaza

Our Role and Responsibility

We are been attacked from all angle, all location continuously from the enemy of Islam and yet there are still fellow brothers been drowsy or sleeping some even work for the enemy. Do not forget our role however small we think it is.


I was placed sixth overall among all high schools in Egypt
I came in first place for sixth consecutive years in medical school
I became an excellent doctor in my field, and went on to become professor of medicine at Al Azhar University
I was taking care of my clinic which is considered one of the most outstanding medical clinics in Egypt
Then, in the course of two months, I was framed and slandered with 25 different criminal charges from 24 different states in Egypt, as if I was the head of the international Mafia
You murdered my daughter
You imprisoned my son
You pursued my wife
You burned down my clinic
Do you think I will stand here to offer to defend myself?
I swear to God, that a sentence of death or an acquittal makes no difference to me
My defiance is for the sake of this country and the nation
So that this nation’s future generation shall know who stood by the side of righteousness and who stood by the side of falsehood

(Dr Muhammad El Beltagy’s impassioned speech in court condemning the illegitimate state and his accusers)

Upon the court’s pronouncement of his death sentence, he said,

This is the justice that the West delivers to Muslims
These are the very rulers that the West forces us to live under
This is our story… from our own mouths…

One God…One People… One Struggle for Freedom…One Day

Note:   17 year old Asma El Beltagy was the beloved daughter of Mohamed El Beltagy, one of Egypt's first ever democratically elected leaders. She was shot and killed indiscriminately by the Egyptian security forces as they violently stormed Ikhwan al Muslimin’s peaceful protest site at Rabia Square


Double standard and a lie from 'western authorities'.
Wake up Muslims!

Having fun watching human sufferings! 
Where is your humanity?

Destructive explosion!
No ordinary bombs!
Where is USA to seek and remove WMD???
Do not be deceived by USA!

Destructive vehicles!

Searching for victims within ruins.

Civilians on the run for safety

Leaving home for safety

Victims of Israel's lust for land, resources and betrayal.

Only in GAza!

Muslims are NOT Terrorist

The real and true Terrorist.

Boycott terrorist products


BOYCOTT The aggressor's products

The Muslim brotherhood

Remember you are human, 
so preserve your humanity. 

Boycott Israel goods.

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