Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Merah cantik si bunga mawar,
Kesidang putih semerbak mewangi,
Jantung hatiku cantik lagi lawa,
Putih budi sentiasa disenangi.

Chempaka kenanga subur di taman,
Harum bau si bunga tanjung,
Hidup bersama penuh aman,
Anugerah Allah akan ku junjung.

May Allah bless us with goodness in our 30th Anniversary

Monday, July 21, 2014

Egypt and Gaza

Our Role and Responsibility

We are been attacked from all angle, all location continuously from the enemy of Islam and yet there are still fellow brothers been drowsy or sleeping some even work for the enemy. Do not forget our role however small we think it is.


I was placed sixth overall among all high schools in Egypt
I came in first place for sixth consecutive years in medical school
I became an excellent doctor in my field, and went on to become professor of medicine at Al Azhar University
I was taking care of my clinic which is considered one of the most outstanding medical clinics in Egypt
Then, in the course of two months, I was framed and slandered with 25 different criminal charges from 24 different states in Egypt, as if I was the head of the international Mafia
You murdered my daughter
You imprisoned my son
You pursued my wife
You burned down my clinic
Do you think I will stand here to offer to defend myself?
I swear to God, that a sentence of death or an acquittal makes no difference to me
My defiance is for the sake of this country and the nation
So that this nation’s future generation shall know who stood by the side of righteousness and who stood by the side of falsehood

(Dr Muhammad El Beltagy’s impassioned speech in court condemning the illegitimate state and his accusers)

Upon the court’s pronouncement of his death sentence, he said,

This is the justice that the West delivers to Muslims
These are the very rulers that the West forces us to live under
This is our story… from our own mouths…

One God…One People… One Struggle for Freedom…One Day

Note:   17 year old Asma El Beltagy was the beloved daughter of Mohamed El Beltagy, one of Egypt's first ever democratically elected leaders. She was shot and killed indiscriminately by the Egyptian security forces as they violently stormed Ikhwan al Muslimin’s peaceful protest site at Rabia Square


Double standard and a lie from 'western authorities'.
Wake up Muslims!

Having fun watching human sufferings! 
Where is your humanity?

Destructive explosion!
No ordinary bombs!
Where is USA to seek and remove WMD???
Do not be deceived by USA!

Destructive vehicles!

Searching for victims within ruins.

Civilians on the run for safety

Leaving home for safety

Victims of Israel's lust for land, resources and betrayal.

Only in GAza!

Muslims are NOT Terrorist

The real and true Terrorist.

Boycott terrorist products


BOYCOTT The aggressor's products

The Muslim brotherhood

Remember you are human, 
so preserve your humanity. 

Boycott Israel goods.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Patience and Gratitude

It has been sometime that I have not written anything. For the past few weeks i have been reading quite a number of books and one of them is Patience and Gratitude by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah translated to English. It is very good book which i first read about 1 year ago but unfinished (had to return to the owner).

This book is divided into 2 main parts;
1. Sabr (Patience/perseverance) and
2. Shukr (Grateful/thankfulness).

Sabr is an Arabic word which comes from a root meaning to detain, refrain and stop.. In the spiritual sense, patience means to stop ourselves from despairing and panicking, to stop our tongues from complaining, and to stop our hands from striking our faces and tearing our clothes at times of grief and stress.

Abû ‘Uthmân said: “the one who has patience is the one who trained himself to handle

Amr ibn ‘Uthmân al-Makkî said: “Patience means to keep close to Allâh
and to accept calmly the trials He sends, without complaining or feeling sad.”

Alî ibn Abî Tâlib said: “Patience means to seek Allâh’s help.”

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project Three

Project Three

3. My third project is to share what I had started 3 years ago. It is very suitable for a person with long journeys, however it can also benefit those traveling daily for more than 10 minutes.

While driving, I will usually listen to the audio files of Life of Prophet Muhammad lectured by As Syahid Ustaz Anwar. The complete lecture consists of 3 volumes CDs; a Meccan Period and 2 Medina Period with each volume containing 18-20 audio files. His lectures were based on a few sierah books among them were sierah by Ibn Ishaq/Ibnu Hisyam, Life of Prophet Muhammad by Ibn Katheer,  Za'ad Al Ma'ad by Ibn Qayyim and references to Al Bidayah Wa Nihayah by Ibnu Katheer.

A very comprehensive lecture that I have completed listening to for more than 5 times trying harder to memorize and understand after each repetition.

The price is on me. Just pm me your name and address if interested. It will take a while for me to burn the CDs.

But there is a condition, a promise to listen and finished at least 5 lectures in the first Meccan CD and a duaa' to As Syahid who gave the fine lecture. Each lecture is about 50 minutes duration. 

Why listen to this CD?

Easy for travelers to know more about our Nabi and his struggle in order for us to receive the message about Islam.

1. Know our Nabi better and this will increase the feeling of love and longing for him insyaAllah.

2. Once said by Amru bin Al As a companion of the Prophet, a general who opened Egypt and an advisor during the Ummayah Caliphs, "I have my childern learn and study The Life Of our Prophet as they learn and study The Quran." Quran was revealed during the life of The Last Prophet and by knowing his sierah we learn the hadith, learn the hukum, learn ashabu nuzul of The Quran, we learn about companions, we learn about the good deeds, we learn what The Prophet like and what he dislike and we learn how are we supposed to live. Whose life or the way of living is better than the prophet?

3. Our Prophets and his great sahabi should be our role models. How are we and our zuriat are to follow them if we barely know them; the way they live, their character, their sacrifices, how they perceive the world, how they love Allah and His Messenger, various hukum that were revealed involve them and their outstanding exemplary deeds.  Most of us know about the celebrities more and encourage our kids to know too rather than knowing the great sahabi. How many of us know there is a person names Saad bin Muadz whose death shook The Arash? How many of us know there exist a person named Bara' bin Malik who the Prophet said that if he evoke Allah, Allah will answer to him. Bara' is the younger brother to more well known Anas bin Malik.

4. Listening to this lecture insyaAllah will make us feel how small this world is comparing to the greatness of  hereafter thus making us longing to meet Allah and His Prophet.

Islamic MLM, spread anything good with minimum charges possible and harvest it huge in hereafter.
Do not forget your duaa' to the presenter who spent the last of his life in dakwah and died a syahid, insyaAllah.

This is the final part of this series. All good is from Allah and may Allah forgive me for my weakness and inadequacy.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Project Two

A bit more to add regarding memorizing Quran.

a. Recite during solat sunnat, not the fardhu to avoid burdening the ma'mum if the verses are too long and your recitation is still poor.
b. Sometime I just repeatedly vocalize the verse while doing something else. InsyaAllah it helps in memorizing.
c. Untuk beri semangat sikit, with my current condition, today is my 41 day; have finished Al Buruj, At Tariq, Al Lail, Al Balad, and 5 verses of Al Fajr a total of more than 41 verses.
d. If you find it difficult, have patience and make dua'. A person who has difficulty in memorizing insyaAllah will get the ajr for both been patience and trying in memorizing. Remember, with Allah, ' ikhlas' or sincerity will always be bring success.

Project Two

2. Bersugi. Another sunnah project that easy and very economic. Very cheap with a rough cost of RM15- RM20 per year! plus donating the extra so called 'kayu sugi' or miswak to spread this good practice.

I tried bersugi somewhere 30 years ago but it was terrible, hard, discomfort and was explained with a wrong technique.

Earlier this year, in one of the classes, I asked and made a comment about bersugi. This ustaz who graduated from Yaman  told me that probably I chose the wrong quality of "kayu arak', the wooden stick used for bersugi. "Try the fresh sticks. The gum secreted by the tree can even heal ordinary mouth ulcers and the taste is a bit hot, chili like. The one you tried must be old and very dry," He said.

I did umrah last April and I bought RM10 a pack of about 10-15 sticks, each about 12 cm long. I have been with bersugi from that day abandoning my plastic toothbrush, expensive toothpaste to prevent gingivitis due to weak gums after radiotherapy. Besugi with 'kayu arak' also reduces mouth odor. As Rasulullah had said, " if not wanting to burden my ummah, I would have made bersugi compulsory before every prayer." Rasulullah must had mentioned this because of the great benefit to our daily life (besides hereafter for following the sunnah).

Why RM 15-20? One fresh stick cut into small pieces costs RM5 and it can last 6 months for one person but keeping it for a long time will make it dry. Try to buy every 4 months or 3 months through those who perform umrah. Donate the extra sticks. You will never regret it.

Get the young stick with diameter about 5-7 mm, not too small and not to big.

How to use it?
Bite 1 end up to the length of about 1 cm, the epithelial layer will break and the wooden part will become bristles. Start brushing, right then left part or the oral cavity. Brush the front part, biting part and the inner part. Flossing can be continued as usual with the expensive dental floss or the other 'wire dental cleaner'.

So why bersugi with 'kayu arak'?

a. Sunnah liked by our beloved Prophet even at his deathbed
b. Probably can killed germs with reduced mouth odor
c. Economical
d. No ?toxic fluoride(halogen,the same group as chlorine used in WWI) and other chemicals
e. Cleaning the mouth to read the 'words of Allah' that is the Quran and during prayers or zikr.

God willing, insyaAllah. Allahu Akbar!

Spread this Sunnah, Another MLM.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Project One

There are 3 profitable projects that I would like to share. Like I have mentioned before, a type similar to multi levels marketing(MLM) but need 'amal' to gain profit. I will start with the first and toughest.

Project 1 is to memorize Quran. I know it sounds hard with the age passing mid century. However it is actually not that difficult. It needs patience, persistence and prayer or duaa' (3P) besides 'istiqamah'.

I started memorizing Quran years ago but due to lack of guidance it just disappeared with time. Earlier this year, my daughter managed to memorize Quran in 6 months taking almost ome year leave after finishing graduate school. In September this year at Masjid Negeri the ustaz whom I know was giving 'tazkirah' Maghrib and his presence caught my attention.

He spoke about memorizing Quran 1 verse a day and in 1 year there is 365 days. A person trying hard   Enough is able to memorize 365 verses.
Yes! Why not? I had been too greedy trying to memorize 5-10 verses per day hoping to memorize the whole Quran maybe around 5 or perhaps 10 years but ending up only with a few surahs and most of them memorized during my school days!

So, if I could not memorize 1 verse per day, 1 verse in 3 day will do totalling more than 100 verses in a year. If I had done it earlier at the age of 20 (30 years duration till today), it will be about 2000 verses! Almost 1/3 of Quran at the pace of 1 ayat in 3 days. What have I wasted but it is better late than never! The kick off day was 1st October 2012 and until today, I managed to memorize more than my normal goal, Alhamdulillah.

How to do it?

Set a target or goal; minimum and normal
I set a minimum of 1 verse in 3 days and
A normal memorizing of 1 verse a day. There is no maximum.

ii. Start with easy surahs'. I started off with Juzu' Amma chosing the surah that I have not memorize but loved listening to. The first surah That I chose was Al Buruj telling about the Ashabul Ukhdud, a very interesting story. Next was At Tariq about the creation of man and his end.
DO NOT start with long and difficult surah unless you are used to the methods of memorizing Quran and is well disciplined.

iii. If the verse is short, read 2-3 verses per day as the rhythm make it easier in remembering. Read each verse at least 10 times and stay focus on the letters and words so that you can easily visualized them. Then recite without looking for another 10 times, visualizing of what you forget. Go to the next verse if necessary. That is all for the morning or noon. In the evening, try to recite it again. If you cannot, open the Quran and try reciting by opening and closing The Book. By now insyaAllah, it is already inside you but have difficulty in saying it out. Read or recite until you can recite without looking at least 3 times. Then before retiring for the day try reciting, if you cant, just go to sleep.

On the next morning, try reciting which by then you should be able to blurt out the verses easily and  if not, again repeat the evening practice. It is usually not necessary to repeat the morning practice unless you were not focus on that morning.

Proceed with the subsequent verse.

iv. When you have memorized  a few verses, remember to read the verse prior to the day verse and a few verses that should be memorize in 3 days ahead. This will help in 2 ways; the flow of recitation and familiarization with the new verses.

v. After completing the surah, read and have someone to check it, tasmi'. Then try it in solah. It is more difficult actually, succeeding reciting in solah means that you have insyaAllah made it!

vi. Duaa' is very important, a specific duaa'. Example, "O Allah, please give me good memory. Please give me strength in memorizing Quran and understand it."

vii. Watch your food. Better be fussy and strict in consuming the 'syubhah' or food you are unsure of halal. I am more of 'bersangka buruk' in eating unless it is from friends and restaurants we are sure abiding the basic 'syariah' guidelines. Water and oil do not mix well. Quran is holy, 'suci'.

viii. Do solat  tahajjud and dhuha at your best. Try not to miss it.

ix. Sadaqah, giving alms insyaAllah, Allah will ease the path you have taken.

x. Share it with others. Weather they will follow or not is not our responsibility. As a dai', we are just to promote something good. If Allah wants good in them they will follow. If they follow, it is good for both of you. This is my MLM, an investment for afterlife.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Macro world 2008

I was coaxed into macro by red in late 2006. Armed with a reverse ring, I tried shooting macros which was not easy and in fact very challenging. I later realised that the small experience taught me a number of tricks in taking macro shots.

At the moment I am using Nikon D50 coupled with a Nikkor 60mm micro for taking macro shots. People asked me why I chose a short lens? The answer is that its light, less cumbersome and add versatile when space is limited.

A frog at Sungai Chelagi.

A ant at Taman Teruntum

A dragonfly at Bukit Cherakah

An assassin insect at Bukit Pelindung

Flies mating at Taman Teruntum

A flower at Bukit Pelindung

A flower at Taman Teruntum

A jumping spider of Taman Teruntum

A spider of Cherating village

A trapdoor spider of Pahang

Another trapdoor spider of Pahang

A tarantula of Bentong

A tarantula of Selangor

A tarantula of Paka with its fangs on it's prey

Macro enthusiasists at a Selangor outing recently

Macro apprentices; watch and learn

Boogey and Red surveying the area. Just look at the new 'Kata' backpack!

Maman focusing on the acquired target with his S1.