Friday, November 09, 2012

Project Two

A bit more to add regarding memorizing Quran.

a. Recite during solat sunnat, not the fardhu to avoid burdening the ma'mum if the verses are too long and your recitation is still poor.
b. Sometime I just repeatedly vocalize the verse while doing something else. InsyaAllah it helps in memorizing.
c. Untuk beri semangat sikit, with my current condition, today is my 41 day; have finished Al Buruj, At Tariq, Al Lail, Al Balad, and 5 verses of Al Fajr a total of more than 41 verses.
d. If you find it difficult, have patience and make dua'. A person who has difficulty in memorizing insyaAllah will get the ajr for both been patience and trying in memorizing. Remember, with Allah, ' ikhlas' or sincerity will always be bring success.

Project Two

2. Bersugi. Another sunnah project that easy and very economic. Very cheap with a rough cost of RM15- RM20 per year! plus donating the extra so called 'kayu sugi' or miswak to spread this good practice.

I tried bersugi somewhere 30 years ago but it was terrible, hard, discomfort and was explained with a wrong technique.

Earlier this year, in one of the classes, I asked and made a comment about bersugi. This ustaz who graduated from Yaman  told me that probably I chose the wrong quality of "kayu arak', the wooden stick used for bersugi. "Try the fresh sticks. The gum secreted by the tree can even heal ordinary mouth ulcers and the taste is a bit hot, chili like. The one you tried must be old and very dry," He said.

I did umrah last April and I bought RM10 a pack of about 10-15 sticks, each about 12 cm long. I have been with bersugi from that day abandoning my plastic toothbrush, expensive toothpaste to prevent gingivitis due to weak gums after radiotherapy. Besugi with 'kayu arak' also reduces mouth odor. As Rasulullah had said, " if not wanting to burden my ummah, I would have made bersugi compulsory before every prayer." Rasulullah must had mentioned this because of the great benefit to our daily life (besides hereafter for following the sunnah).

Why RM 15-20? One fresh stick cut into small pieces costs RM5 and it can last 6 months for one person but keeping it for a long time will make it dry. Try to buy every 4 months or 3 months through those who perform umrah. Donate the extra sticks. You will never regret it.

Get the young stick with diameter about 5-7 mm, not too small and not to big.

How to use it?
Bite 1 end up to the length of about 1 cm, the epithelial layer will break and the wooden part will become bristles. Start brushing, right then left part or the oral cavity. Brush the front part, biting part and the inner part. Flossing can be continued as usual with the expensive dental floss or the other 'wire dental cleaner'.

So why bersugi with 'kayu arak'?

a. Sunnah liked by our beloved Prophet even at his deathbed
b. Probably can killed germs with reduced mouth odor
c. Economical
d. No ?toxic fluoride(halogen,the same group as chlorine used in WWI) and other chemicals
e. Cleaning the mouth to read the 'words of Allah' that is the Quran and during prayers or zikr.

God willing, insyaAllah. Allahu Akbar!

Spread this Sunnah, Another MLM.

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dith said...

Like you, i too tried the sugi way back during student days and perhaps the hardy old sugi was a deterrent. InsyaAllah using the young fressh ones that give a bit of hot chilli flavor is way lot better...may Allah swt give us continued ease and strength to persist in performing the sunnah. Aameen