Thursday, November 08, 2012

Project One

There are 3 profitable projects that I would like to share. Like I have mentioned before, a type similar to multi levels marketing(MLM) but need 'amal' to gain profit. I will start with the first and toughest.

Project 1 is to memorize Quran. I know it sounds hard with the age passing mid century. However it is actually not that difficult. It needs patience, persistence and prayer or duaa' (3P) besides 'istiqamah'.

I started memorizing Quran years ago but due to lack of guidance it just disappeared with time. Earlier this year, my daughter managed to memorize Quran in 6 months taking almost ome year leave after finishing graduate school. In September this year at Masjid Negeri the ustaz whom I know was giving 'tazkirah' Maghrib and his presence caught my attention.

He spoke about memorizing Quran 1 verse a day and in 1 year there is 365 days. A person trying hard   Enough is able to memorize 365 verses.
Yes! Why not? I had been too greedy trying to memorize 5-10 verses per day hoping to memorize the whole Quran maybe around 5 or perhaps 10 years but ending up only with a few surahs and most of them memorized during my school days!

So, if I could not memorize 1 verse per day, 1 verse in 3 day will do totalling more than 100 verses in a year. If I had done it earlier at the age of 20 (30 years duration till today), it will be about 2000 verses! Almost 1/3 of Quran at the pace of 1 ayat in 3 days. What have I wasted but it is better late than never! The kick off day was 1st October 2012 and until today, I managed to memorize more than my normal goal, Alhamdulillah.

How to do it?

Set a target or goal; minimum and normal
I set a minimum of 1 verse in 3 days and
A normal memorizing of 1 verse a day. There is no maximum.

ii. Start with easy surahs'. I started off with Juzu' Amma chosing the surah that I have not memorize but loved listening to. The first surah That I chose was Al Buruj telling about the Ashabul Ukhdud, a very interesting story. Next was At Tariq about the creation of man and his end.
DO NOT start with long and difficult surah unless you are used to the methods of memorizing Quran and is well disciplined.

iii. If the verse is short, read 2-3 verses per day as the rhythm make it easier in remembering. Read each verse at least 10 times and stay focus on the letters and words so that you can easily visualized them. Then recite without looking for another 10 times, visualizing of what you forget. Go to the next verse if necessary. That is all for the morning or noon. In the evening, try to recite it again. If you cannot, open the Quran and try reciting by opening and closing The Book. By now insyaAllah, it is already inside you but have difficulty in saying it out. Read or recite until you can recite without looking at least 3 times. Then before retiring for the day try reciting, if you cant, just go to sleep.

On the next morning, try reciting which by then you should be able to blurt out the verses easily and  if not, again repeat the evening practice. It is usually not necessary to repeat the morning practice unless you were not focus on that morning.

Proceed with the subsequent verse.

iv. When you have memorized  a few verses, remember to read the verse prior to the day verse and a few verses that should be memorize in 3 days ahead. This will help in 2 ways; the flow of recitation and familiarization with the new verses.

v. After completing the surah, read and have someone to check it, tasmi'. Then try it in solah. It is more difficult actually, succeeding reciting in solah means that you have insyaAllah made it!

vi. Duaa' is very important, a specific duaa'. Example, "O Allah, please give me good memory. Please give me strength in memorizing Quran and understand it."

vii. Watch your food. Better be fussy and strict in consuming the 'syubhah' or food you are unsure of halal. I am more of 'bersangka buruk' in eating unless it is from friends and restaurants we are sure abiding the basic 'syariah' guidelines. Water and oil do not mix well. Quran is holy, 'suci'.

viii. Do solat  tahajjud and dhuha at your best. Try not to miss it.

ix. Sadaqah, giving alms insyaAllah, Allah will ease the path you have taken.

x. Share it with others. Weather they will follow or not is not our responsibility. As a dai', we are just to promote something good. If Allah wants good in them they will follow. If they follow, it is good for both of you. This is my MLM, an investment for afterlife.

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