Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cuti cuti Kuala Lumpur

Gloomy Kuala Lumpur from our room

Our December holiday was rescheduled again, from Penang to Langkawi and at the end back to KL. There were flood in Kedah and Perak.

On Monorail from? Berjaya Times Sq to the next stop. Breakfasr at Le Cucur

We started our journey as usual with destination Ampang. We stayed 2 nights at Ampang and the last Berjaya Times Square. It also happened that roza's sister was back in malaysia with her family.

At Borders

At the zoo; Naik train, Just look at Tok Ampang

We brought the kids to the zoo, shopping at KLCC and berjaya mall, celebrating roza's mother birthday, maman's visit to the berjaya theme park accompanied by momad. it was a short and simple but a pleasant holiday with everybody were around except for sarah and sofi.

Figuring out why the people like to stare at him

Aliah feeding the deer with dry chikerdies

Termenung mengenang nasib jadi bahan tontonan

This emergency entry is a respond to sofi's call.


kenakelayan said...

Hehehe seronoknye pergi ke zoo.. nak chickedees jugakkkk (eh cam beruk pulaks).

All the beruks are experts at posing for the camera it seems. One is reminded of Rodin's sculpture 'The Thinker' when looking at these primates. Ada gaya berfikirlah.

p/s re: Tok Ampang's hanky.. is it really THAT busuk at Zoo Negara?

kenakelayan said...

In the Border's pic, Aliah looks amazingly identical to my youngest sis.. lengkap with the scarf and tee top and the pose... I thought I was imagining thigs for a mo..

dr in the house said...

I have been accused of not coming to this blog but as a matter of fact I come here almost everyday. It's only that I missed this entry on time! Sorry iKelah!

I didnt know there's going to be an entry on December hols trip so was quite surprised!

Yes, in all it was a holiday that satisfied almost everybody's need and desire.

Maman got to visit the zoo verily for the 'first' time despite having been there already when he was a toddler and cant recall anything. He got to enjoy himself at the theme park though he chickened out for roller coaster ride!

Aliah and Muhammad got to 'lepak' at their most fave mall ie KLCC

I got to be with my family.

Mak got to celeberate her birthday with us (hope she found it enjoyable)

iKelah got to lepak with his brothers late at night and got himself 'massaged' at 2 am by a Traditional Pakcik Tukang Urut at Bintang walk!!!Imagine!! And he got to make his tour of Low Yatt and bought himself an early birthday present!!! Please remind me that I dont have to give him any presents for the next 3 years!!!

dr in the house said...

ps. No prizes for guessing who actually enjoyed the hols the most!!!!

ifos said...

We went to the zoo when Maman was five or six if i'm not mistaken... takkan x ingat kot... ?! Yg paling ingat, naik that water bicycle thingy around the lake. heh. And I like pictures of the giraffes... patut letak yg tu, Abah. hehe.

pycnogenol said...

My children go to Melawati School and that is SO near the Zoo, yet I've never taken them there...percaya tak? They have all been there though...with friends or relatives.

Ikelah, not taking the children anywhere for CNY? I'm taking mine to Johor Bahru.

kenakelayan said...

Pycno, biasalah tu.. I have been in London several years now, yet I have never been to Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussauds, inside Buckingham Palace nor the London Eye. But I HAVE been inside the House of Parliament (dekat Big Ben!) Heheheh.

Hmmm Melawati is it... we have many relatives near that area..

pycnogenol said...

Kenakelayan, find time to go to ALL those places in London. Best thing is for you to take the one-day ticket, and just GO. Jangan menyesal nanti..

Ikelah said...

hehehe.... drroza

pycno: raya nak korban kambing aqiqah. my cousins.... one of my uncle is just 1 yr oldr then me. we school together, main tarzan sama-sama, kena rotan sama-sama n most of his kids r younger than mine. aqiqah ni cadang nak slaughter sendiri as b4 n mintak toykey kambing tu lapah(bukan bing bing). kita nak buat kenduri sikit. p5 n boogey will be back. jemput sekali kalau ke kuantan.

kenakelayan: orang kilang TB Cina di mana? jemput sekali. kita pun ada plan nak camping kat bekelah or jerangkang.. tok ampang memang sensitive ;)

ifos.... giraffe tu ada banyak pics. i just send u 1 i guess, the photo outing kat zoo to produce good pics. nanti kita buat outing photo in july ok. ;)

boogey is back coughing, so is makcik siah. both r otherwise well n makcik dah gi kebun hari ni.

ifos said...

You actually sent me 3 pics of the giraffes, abah ;)

kenakelayan said...


Hehehe insyaAllah. Am waiting for Orang Kilang to come here, so we can 'do London' together!!! *sigh, turns all starry-eyed* Hmmm but he probably has done most of it already, having been here during his childhood and uni.

Will pass on the msg to Orang Kilang. He has been travelling around a lot lately, poor thing. Right now he is out with Che Ma and Che Pa having dinner.
Gave me a shock I admit I DID think about Bing Bing (hehehehehe)
Kesian Haji Boogey. Great that you guys have frequent get-togethers. I think me poor mum is waiting for me to come back so that we can do the same.

davidalaxander9577 said...

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hiyoshi said...

Just loved the caption on the last picture. (^ ^)

I'm comtemplating on whether to buy or not a camera for myself. Any suggestions on what model would be a reasonable choice for students like me? I had the Exilim in mind, but maybe you can suggest something else?

Ikelah said...

hiyoshi ;)

1.ur budget?
2.max pixels?
3.prefers point n shoot or creative photography(serious photography) u like post production editing or leave as it is.

pycnogenol said...

Me too Ikelah. I have an uncle who's just one year older than me too. In fact it was my late father (who was the eldest) who had brought him up and raised his youngest brother. So, naturally we go to the same school, berkawan, berkelahi and all.

Would you believe it if I were to tell you that he called his eldest brother (my late father) Ayah, instead of Abang, and his real father (my late Grandfather) Tok Ayah, just like me...he..he...He was more afraid of the "Ayah" rather than the "Tok Ayah" just like me.

For a long, long time I was calling him by his first name. It was only about 10 years ago that I consciously (with great difficulty, of course) make an effort to call him Pak Su. I had make sure that my children know that he is their Grand Uncle and NOT just an uncle. ;))

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Cute chimpanzee ;) (I hope I got the right species!)

P5 said...


how could you feed chickadees to the poor deer? its not part of their diet. the poor thing probably suffered indigestion or diarrhea after that. weren't there like a million signs posted all over the zoo saying not to feed the animals? i am shocked!


dr in the house said...
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Izhal said...

hahaha, betullah En. Azmi, termenung moneyt tu jadi bahan tontonan...

maman said...

abah,kenapa tak letak gambar taik gajah dekat blog abah.

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