Monday, February 06, 2006

Nahang revisited

The Nahang

Last week was chinese new year. It is a chinese tradition for members of the family to be home for dinner on new year's eve. We too had our get together dinner on the 30th of January at our parents' place celebrating the maal hijrah. We recited the du'a for the end and the coming hijrah year. We had roasted lamb and chicken with noodles to fill our empty stomach. Boogey arrived late for he had to attend his sister in law's wedding in Johore the day before.

Temerloh Bridge at sunset (image compressed): For Paul Moss

River bank: Sg Rimau

For this particular meet, P5 had planned to bring the kids camping, however it had to be changed for some reason. We then decided for a picnic at a place called Nahang with a tributary stream to Sg Rimau. Sg Rimau is a river flowing through pekan Sg Lembing and also a tributary to Sg Kuantan.

The kids enjoying themselves at Nahang

Momad cooling himself

My first time at Nahang was about 4-5 years ago. However I could still remember the serenity of the place with its clear cool water flowing through the rocks creating musical sounds and the birds chirping from tree to tree. The stream was untouched. The trees were tall and the water banks were covered with cobwebs here and there.

Freestyle, backstroke and vanakam

The tall trees

We had a family friend at Kg Sg Rimau to take us across Sg Rimau to Nahang. All of us had a good time bathing, taking pictures and playing with the rocks. The sedimentary rocks can be used as black or red chalk to paint our faces to resemble the moaris or the red indians.

Maori pose

It is indeed a beautiful place that need to be preserved. Sg Lembing is a unique town that offers a country-like getaway for the adventurous. Gunung Tapis, the highest peak on the east coast lies here.

By the window: For Sarah

Latest litter: specially for Sofi


Paul Moss said...

Fantastic pictures. The sunset at the bridge would be spectacular with a bit more light. Probably it`s my graphic card. Compositionwise great. Best composition which I can rate as outstanding is the pigeon. Gives the impression that the pigeon is looking for the grasshopper. This one can be framed.

Ikelah said...

paul: it became darker when compressed save... it was brighter on the original n u can see the outline if the bridge n the tail of the cloud towards the bridge.

dr in the house said...

I was not in this trip cause I was working. Insyallah I would have followed if I was free. You see, I blend well with these guys. They are like my own brothers; brothers that I dont have. ANd I hope they feel the same way towards me.

Ku Keng said...

Temerloh Bridge brought back a lot of old memories. Remembered it during the floods and the time it was almost pushed away by the rushing waters.

Where is Nahang? Any pacat?

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Awww.. how sweet.. all the photo tributes :)

And ah.. Temerloh bridge.. Temerloh is where my kampung is.. but unfortunately I always missed seeing the bridge being someone who always sleeps in the car (not when I'm driving of course)!

Pycnogenol said...

Beautiful...BEAUTIFUL pics. And picnic in Nahang....seronok nye!!! I REALLY envy you guys!!

Paul Moss said...

Yes...I remember also the jambatan besi Temerloh. It was during the air bah era. Remember also the rumah rakit by the bridge. I wish I had a camera back then. The skies were more beautiful then. More clouds.

dr in the house said...

On behalf of iKelah who is currently on 3 days direct call, that Temerloh bridge is not the old one, its the new bridge along the new highway!

Boogey said...

3 Days? Habis siapa jaga fleet? Hehehehe.

Ikelah said...

log tengah mlm bila tak de pt...hehehe... ranking 65 skg. lepas off vacation mode :). we saw the good light when we just past lanchang. we were desperate looking for a subject. we know we only have 10-15 minutes the most before the hills block the sun. with a wide angle lens(which i dont have), it would be better to stand in the middle of the highway. anyway i choose to shoot at tele (55X1.5=82mm).

tak de di sungai tapi kalau ikut jalan darat mungkin ada. bila lalu sg rimau tu ada lintah sesat sekor melekat pada 1 of the kids.

which part of temerloh r u from, my late mom is from chenor. the old ifos used to sleep in the car. the new ifos wants to be at the wheel.



ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

My grandparents used to live in Taman Sri Semantan, then moved to Kampung Bangau.. which is very green, serene and peaceful (minus the cow dung on the road.. hehe)!

pycnogenol said...

Ayumi, it's those cow dung that has kept Kampung Bangau so very green...and serene.
The dung from the 'bangau' has kept the village peaceful. ;)

Tu rahsia nya...jangan tak tau...!!

Ikelah said...

kg bangau... lalu sebelah hotel sri malaysia right? ada org bela patin sangkar. pycno...i'll ithink u'll like that kampung. its kampung tradisi melayu with the houses still in good condition and its at the riverbank, sg semantan. ayumi ni keturunan dato' bahaman kot. for the 'mines' or periok api, its a welcom sight to kg bangau, twist n turn ur car to avoid been blowned away. my father in law likes the kampung.

sg semantan is a tributary for sg pahang. infact we just got back from paya pasir, chenor yesterday, visited our uncle at 'rumah kambing', a boatride to Pesagi where our great grand pa used to stay for more than 40 yrs. etc.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Yep.. that is where Kg. Bangau is.. I really love the place. Really? I might be Dato' Bahaman's descendant? ;) I hope I also inherited his courage to go against penjajah, be it penjajahan fizikal or penjajah minda. Insya-Allah ;)

Boogey said...

The rumah kambing is the one with the astro disc kan? Canggih sungguh. To watch animal planet kot.

Izhal said...

The noys are all good looking aye...

Kari said...

More beautiful photos. The sunset is especially spectacular. You live in a gorgeous place!

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