Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Retreat

Beserah: beach 200 metres from our home

12 February 2006

We had been planning and finally we were able to get ourselves visit Kg. Paya Pasir which is in Chenor, Maran. On the otherside of Kg. Paya Pasir, across the river of Sg Pahang is Kg.Pesagi where our late grandparents used to live for more than 40 years before they moved to Kg. Sungai Ling(short for darLing). I could still remember that our dad had to open the car bonet, facing the river and sounded the horn to signal our relatives across to pick us up. Our late grandfather or one of the uncles' will pick us up with the long boat(to start this boat one had to anchor the lever to the wheel and turn it fast).

Maman with a Goat called 73. He is the Marshal of this barn

Going across Sungai Pahang: Maman with Ayah CIk

Back to the Kg. Paya Pasir retreat. Kenakelayan's parents were there waiting for us. We visited Bing Bing which made the loudest 'embek' when we were at the stable. We went across the river to Kg. Pesagi, this time with a fast speedboat, had kambing curry for lunch and mandi manda. We arrived home late evening and could only meet Orang Kilang (who had a seminar at Swiss Garden) that night.

Rumah Tok Pesagi: Nobody is staying more than 15 years


Boogey said...

I feel sad seeing Tok Pesagi`s house empty and abandoned. I remember it used to be THE pusat istirehat KKTV centre of the whole village every Friday night. People from neighbouring villages also flocked to the house to watch the once a week tayangan gambar melayu on RTM1. Children would play outside and parents inside or by the window and exchange of ghost stories were made at the tebing sungai. Ikelah would be chasing bats with Pak Min and Pak Man using raket badminton entah siapa.
Pang5 still in the rice paddy I guess. Belum jadi nasik lagi.

Ku Keng said...

I remember Beserah well. Used to frequent relatives in Kg. Bugis, before proceeding to Sg. Ular and then Balok. Still wonder as to how the group of Kelantanese ended in Beserah. When and why?

Anonymous said...


kenapa rumah Tok Pesagi tu dibiarkan begitu? Boleh dikategorukan sebagai bangunan bernilai sejarah!


goat breeder said...

Where is this goat farm? Is it big? Can you arrange a visit for me?

neemo said...

when blue meets green. lovely!

pycnogenol said...

Maman seemed able to get all animals to "simply go weak in the knee" whenever he is around them.

He'll make a good Vet. He's a natural!!

Ikelah said...

astro tu kat pondok tuan kambing.
about the pesagi, yea we r the lucky ones who had the experience of the traditional kg life, before and after the generator. do u still remember the pelita, lampu gasolin, how quiet were the nights besides of voices exchanging stories? the girls slept in the bedromm as for the boys a space near the hall. the worst thing staying at tok pesagi's place is nak ke sungei kecik or ke sungei besor(worse) in the middle of the night after a scary ghost story. itu kawan paling takut, awok ada orang teman sebab kecik lagi. and for our info, orang temerloh yang kena tak care rumah tu.

mr keng:
tak perasan, yang ramai trengganu. i did not notice the kelantanese.

yang sepatut jaga is my great uncle. kayu rumah asal kayu cengal yang cukup tua, sudah beberapa kali banjir besar, rumah cuma senget sikit sedangkan rumah orang lain hanyut. rumah tambahan kayu 70an.... tak seberapa baik kayu 30an.

its not that big, about 60 goats; bower(meat), senan(milk), britsh alpine(spelling bower and senan tak tau, it sounds like that).
where are you from and when do yaou plan to visit.

thanks, its not all the time the beach will have the vibriant color

he wants to be a vet but he is allergic to fur.

kenakelayan said...

Tu 1773 bukan 17.
You guys are lucky. I don't remember rumah Pesagi much (very vague one). Tahu2 dah rumah Sg. Ling.
Which great uncle is this? Tok Ibrahim ke?

Ikelah said...

betul tu, diringkaskan sebut 73, memang bukan 17. u jarang ke rumah pesagi kot... duduk perak masa tu kan? great uncle is ur dad's elder brother la.
nampak dalam gambar naik boat tu ada 2 white specks... thats ur mom and dith...cancelled last minute untuk naik boat sebab hujan.

ifos said...

Abah, gambar pantai beserah tu tak touch-up langsung ke? Mcm sgt cantik plak tempat tu, heheh =)

Ikelah said...

on a good day, good sun and good exposure correction

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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