Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jerangkang Retreat

Jerangkang Waterfall: a heritage

19 February 2006

Last saturday, Roza asked me,"Are we going anywhere this Sunday?" "I dont know." I answered back. "How about going for a picnic." She blurted out.

Wading through a stream. We had to park our car

Initially we planned to have the picnic near our home. It then got further to Sg Lembing, then Bekelah and finally Jerangkang. Roza and Maman had never gone to Jerangkang before. I went there twice. P5 and I went for the Jerangkang climb; up Sg Berakit, camp near jerangkang waterfall and climbed up the mountain to the upper stream. That was about 10 years ago. The last time I went there was about 7 years back with my friends from the reserve military unit.

Exausting climb for the newbies; a kilometre walk to the first large pool

We started at 9.30 am and after a stopover for breakfast we reached Jerangkang at 12.30 noon.
The road was bad, suitable for 4WD offroad sport however our faithful Nissan Sentra managed to get us there. The clear water was cooling(Nahang was cold) and refreshing. We had a nice 1 hr picnic without opening our nasi lemak pack or water to drink. :)

Taking a breath; the water was cooling and soothing

Taking a dip: she got bitten by a fish

Lowest big pool.
There are bigger with higher falls upstream.
Crystal clear water. The deeper part is greenish.

This place is far better than Nahang. It is supposed to have 7 big falls (the magic 7) and more than 40 (another Malay magic number 44) small ones. The climb is good and at 80% of its maximum height, the climber is already at cloud level. On a good day you can see bandar Maran, that is about 30-40 km away.

Lesser fall and pool

The smaller fall

Here there are ferns, periok kera, flora and fauna of almost untouchable jungle. The highest peak is Gunung Serundum.

A red periok kera seen along the way


Boogey said...

Fantastic. The periok kera pic is great. I must go there. Must stay 1 night. Bila free? At last I can see DITH backpacking but she looks exhausted though the pack doesn`t look so big.

Ikelah said...

hahahaha..... itu pack kamera kawan. i have to carry maman's pack which was heavier and had the strap snapped along the way.
the periok kera pic could be better if using p5 macro lens.:) If we plan to go;
1. at least 2 days 1 night, not on weekends. visitors will occupy the lower camp sites. if we r willing to climb for about 45 minutes, we can choose any day we like.
2. get a 4WD
3. school holiday early march

u make the call. tell us at least 2 weeks early.

pycnogenol said...

Looking at all the pics..and reading all your conquests of beautiful, natural waterfalls, rivers and streams up those steep mountains, make my holidays all seem artificial, unreal and plastic-like. Ayoo..malu nya.

And, looking at that pic of Maman and DrRoza with the "mengah-look" on their faces, make me wonder though whether I can ever survive on such a trip. Takut nanti, half way through, we'll just tell you: "Ikelah you go ahead, and we'll just turn back. I will just cool myself off, not with the water from the waterfall, but right from this bottle of mineral water in the bag-pack!!!"

Boleh angkut dengan helicopter tak??

dr in the house said...
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Ikelah said...

march tak boleh pulak.... ada trip dengan sis in law.... terlupa pulak. u'll have no problem, budak tak bersekolah lagi. kalau kita nak gi balik hari boleh, buat macam special forces do, cari motorsikal, start early morning.... enjoy ourselves and balik late evening. i used to do that dengan wataniah group tapi kita march 6 km brother, no motorbike. maman punya rating sekarang jerangkang top, dulu dia suka bekelah.

holidays bergantung pada interest brother. it may be plastic-like, but those are the places ladies love to go. they will the say that going to nature is stoneage-like holiday...hahaha... tak de silk outlet/factory.
if you and your family want to come along, insyaAllah no problem. we will think of a way such as getting the sherpas' to carry the luggage or we just travel light like p5 and i used to do.

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe interesting jugak Kuantan ni rupanya.
Hey I can survive-lah on a holiday without shopping! I remember when the 4 of us girls went to Stockholm 3 years ago, we had to pair off because some of us were more interested in Swedish designer stuff (heran aku) unlike me and my friend who were more into museums, sightseeing. They have this fantastic open-air cultural museum where all the historical buildings were airlifted/moved from from their original sites. No purpose-built builings there, what you saw were the real McCoy! And entry was just 1 pound per day.. loved it so much went there 2 days! We stayed on a ship with a view of the Royal Palace! Hmmm rasa nak pergi lagi... nak jumpa reindeer again..

kenakelayan said...

Ooops silap. Ni dah nak sampai Maran! Mak aii jauhnyeee

Ikelah said...

its maran....macam baik kampung la but on the eastern part. for the mccoy.... is it the thief?

lets have a plan: good 3 days 2 nights. start in the morning and camp on first camp site 1/2 way to the till the next day. the ladie/kids stay at camp and enjoy the cool water at the pool. kenakelayan the good swimmer can take care of them. the boys continue climbing, traveling light.... have their lunch at the peak and climb down in the evening to the camp site. spend anothe night at the camp and climb down on the next day. amacam? ;)

dr in the house said...

What? Leave us to the wolves??? No!! Typical of iKelah to split up whenever we go out. I hate that habit!

I say we stick together wherever we go. I can imagine the women all bored and then sick and worried about the guys! I'd rather worry at home than do the worrying overthere!

ifos said...

Ladies stay at camp?? Are you kidding??! I'm going right up with you so-called macho guys!! haha... nanti balik mesti pegi lagi tempat nih... tak penah lg pegi jerangkang.

crimsonskye said...

Haha.. I'd go up in arms against the camp suggestion too ;) You guys get to go for picnics so often, lucky thing! The greenery, clear water and all- I can never get enough of those.

Azmizan said...

Kawe setuju dengan cadangan Ikelah. 3Days/2nights is just fine.
DITH, Kenakelayan, Salina dan orang betina laing tingge je la di kemoh. Memanglar kome paham hajat deme tu nak ikut tapi kalo dah tak de kederat tu, buat lar cara tak de kederat. Takut kang, konfident je yang lebih, kederat tu semana...hehehehe. Buat melambatkan perjalanan jek. Ifos tu nampok jantan sikit, boleh lar kita pacak kat kemoh buat halau wolves ke halau pacat lintah ke tara kita balik.

Hang Betina said...

Weii Azmizan a/l Boogey a/k Paul Moss!!!
Kawi nak tengok kederat awok yang meninggi gunung Kinabalu atau busut semut belakang rumoh kawe tuh!

Kawe agok agok lah, rasenya awok nanti separoh jalan, duduk terlepot buat buat bertapa atas batu, pastu buat2 lah tak desor ke diri menurun konon! Cis!

Hang Betina said...

correction: sedor

Ikelah said...

ok la.... kita sama sama panjat. mana yang tak larat kita set camp untuk mereka dan pick them up on the way back. ;)

Boogey said...

Kalau kira bila ada yang tak roit kita dah nak kena pasang kemoh, elok lar dari sekarang pasang kemoh untuk orang betina tu kat simpang keluor jalan beseroh tu jek yek?

dr in the house said...

Boogey- amboi2...sedap mulut (err jari?) mengata org betina ...pasang kemoh tepi jln jek yek?

Takper lah kawe nok tengok awok sampai tingkat air terjun ke berapa nanti!

*tgh bayangkan boogey termengah2 memanjat batu, terkial2 sambil mengesat peloh yg menitik2 bak hujan turun di hari panas*

kenakelayan said...

Kawe rase kawe dok semput je skarang ni weii. Kawe naik belon (read: kterbang) sampei ke sungei tu buleh dok?

Kawe sebenornye baru nak baik dari flu. Jangan pulok awok kabor ke mok kawe, shh. Dia ingat kawe dah lama dah sihat. Hehehe. Kawe dah abis antibiotik satu course. Co-amoxiclav. Hari ni rasa sihat sungguh, alhamdulillah. Doa ke kawe yek?

dr in the house said...

Alhamdulillah awok dah sihat. Kawe dok nunggu jugok mana awok tak sampai2. Rupernya tok sihat. Nada berbisik: jgn risau kawe tok kabo. Kawe tahu nanti mok awok risau. Payoh weii!

Izhal said...

I'd love to be one of your kids, always going places...

Ikelah said...


you can be a younger brother. comeoverif you want to join us. plan to go in august

Kari said...

What a beautiful place!