Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Visiting Pakcik Sulong of Ganchong

Sungai Pahang-Ganchong

Last Sunday we decided to visit Pakcik Sulong of Ganchong, my distant relative. I remember Pakcik Sulong quite well, up to when I was about 4 years old. He would come all the way from Ganchong to our house in Kuantan. Ganchong was considered quite remote at that time. And this would mean a whole day visit for him. He never failed to bring along 'buah tangan' which was usually 'setandan pisang'. What made me remember him well is that he was an extremely nice person who was very generous with his smiles. Pakcik Sulong's left leg is swollen gigantically, a complication of filariasis/ elephantisis but this didn't hinder him from making those visits to see us.

Pakcik Sulong

Ganchong is in Pekan, a traditional Malay village by Sungai Pahang. Other kampungs adjacent to it are Kampung Batu, Kampung Telok and Kampung Pulau Rusa. It was said that the people from these kampungs originated from the same root, a wellknown figure who was supposed to be our great ancestor called Tok Ki Abbas.

Tok Ki Abbas of Ganchong was said to be very religious and a great warrior. Another known figure of Ganchong, a nephew to Tok Ki Abbas was Panglima Kakap Husin. Panglima Kakap Husin was with Sultan Ahmad I and later became Penghulu of Tembeling Tengah and Kuala Tembeling. He was one of the figure who was involved in Projek Taman Negara Kuala Tahan. Btw, Panglima Kakap Husin is my great grandfather.

Panglima kakap Husin

Pakcik Sulong is not well lately. He had some bowel problems, off and on and being weak and all,he would just stay at home. However his memory of the past is still strong. He can still tell us stories about our elders, the 'salasilah' or family tree. He was a bit quiet after the demise of Mak Dayang Saedah, his beloved wife, 2 years back. Our 'doa' to Pakcik Sulong :may Allah give him His Blessings.

Kerbau necking at Kuala Penor


dr in the house said...

For the uninitiated, in one of the previous entry you've seen the Pesagi, Temerloh portion of Sg Pahang and today is the Pekan portion. So now we know why it's the longest river in Penin. Malaysia.

And for that 'necking' act by the kerbau of Penor (otw to Ganchong via coastal route), that was a first for me!! terkezut habizz

Btw, as we exit that coastal road to cross over to Ganchong, we will meet Ubai. Ubai is infamous for the 'kubur beratap'. Overhere, over the cemetries, buildings with roofs are being erected. Some of the people here hold on to some sort of Tariqat with strange beliefs. (reminds me of that village in Turkey that Boogey told us). Syirik?

Ku Keng said...

Are you related to Wan Johari of Chenor?

Boogey said...

Yes I remember Pakcik Sulong very well. You forgot to mention that Pakcik Sulong actually cycled all the way from Gancong to Kuantan with guni penuh kacang tanah and fruits. Later when I was old enough to drive, I would pack his bicycle at the back of our 404 and drove him back to Gancong and wandering all the way how he managed to cycle the distance. Jauh weh. His trip to us was kind of scheduled when theres a musim buah and I asked him why he penat penat kayuh sampai Kuantan. Apparently when theres harvest, he would send some portion to the Istana Pekan and some portion to us. It`s adat. I believe it`s some sort of tribute. It does`t matter if the person is already well off, in need or not, if and when he wants to give, he gives and to give he cycles all the way from Gancong. That`s a lesson I learn from him about giving.

kenakelayan said...

Bukan 'necking' tu maknanyer bercengkerama ke?
Kawe dok kenal Pakcik Sulong ni. Beloh Aboh yek?
Tak dok citer pasal arwoh moyang hok yang lari masuk hutan tu weii?

Izhal said...

1st of all, nice pictures... I mean it...
Pelanduk dua serupa, Pak cik sulong mirip seseorang yang pernah saya kenal. Dignified person, wajah tenang...
Pak Cik Sulong masa dulu2 mesti bawak buah tangan datang rumah ye. Adat melayu yang bagus tu. Kalau ada masa nak melawat dia lagi, printlah entry ni tunjuk kat dia...

Orang Pahang ni banyak bersaudara ye... I'm married to a beautiful KL lady whos mother (my mother in lawy or my other mother or whom I just call mak)is from Kampung Lipat Kajang near sungai Pahang. Hope this makes us family too...

bergen said...

Your great grandfather is one of the pewaris of Silat Sendeng, right?

Ikelah said...


tuan keng:
it was said 'semua orang chenor ada kene mengena'. dari pesagi terus ke chenor.
wan of chenor are related to us through our greatgrand mother. our great grandma on my mother's side had 3 husbands. from one of the husbands was my grandpa, the other (family of dato' mohd ex speaker/MP Maran, dato' Hj Ismail mutalib present MP, dato' tan aminuddin), and the royal family, the wans'(dato wan wahid, orang besar berempat chenor).

naik besikal tu masa kawe dah dok kat hostel. just heard the story from you. you should visit the old man if you happen to be in kuantan. bebaru ni anak dia kak jah accident dan on physiotherapy di hosp kuantan. i saw her and she was okey.

pakcik sulong beloh aboh. moyang wek siti yang ada husband 3 lah lari ke hutan sebab kononnya dia lawa dan ada anak raja cari dia.
moyang wek siti ni dua beradik, dia dan wek boh <-- something like that.

thanks.i was told you are an expert in digital camera CMOS/CCD, very impressive. my interest in photography flared when i got my first instamatic camera, SLR (after LCE results), later another SLR, sony 717, nikon 5700 and at the moment i am using the D50.

insyaAllah i'll print for him on my next visit, soon.

i was told his silat was not sendeng. the silat he knew was taught to them by silat master from sumatra if i have not mistaken; family tok gajah including my grand pa. i was also told that our family originated from padang and pakcik sulong mentioned somewhere around pagaruyong. on the other hand silat sendeng was from his nephew, mohd pilus bin imam perang bakar. it was said he developed sendeng and passed it to the eldest daughter kak midah(actually aunty). <---- panjangnya cerita silat.

Boogey said...

Kawe dah konpius. Bukan ke asal from Pulau Kerimun, Riau? The Chenor side is from Padang.
I remember one time when still in secondary school some people came to our house from Tembeling to ask permission to reopen the gelanggang and also take the male children to diturunkan ilmu nenek moyang. Arwah mak tak bagi takut ada ilmu hitam ke hantu raya. So unfortunate or else kita dah jadi Gojing.

Izhal said...


Nikon D50, I was thinking to get that one but cant afford it. I only use my mobile phone to get pictures... I think you're the expert here. I just know the scientific theory. Your pictures are an excellent application of the theory. Do you have a fotopage? If so, I'll be looking forward to visit it... I'll also be looking forward to the next posting of your blog :))

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

The last bit of photograph looks like they're from National Geography magazines or something.. Hehehe..

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

The last bit of photograph looks like they're from National Geography magazines or something.. Hehehe..

neemo said...

definitely my first time too!

Ikelah said...

pakcik sulung kata padang. orang tembeling yang cerita tu tak conclusive, thats why i gelak pasal 'konon' tu. pasal silat tu, nak buat macam mana tentangan hebat dari tok dan mami.

even your with your mobile, the pictures looks interesting although you cant get an excellent image. what is important is the person behind the lens, the composition. my photopage is not up to date actually.

national geographics? how i wish i m one of their photographers.

ic ;)

Anonymous said...

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totek said...

Salam...mintak tolong pada pemilik blog atau siapa2 yg mengenalinya...
harap dpt emelkan saya fon number utk dihubungi.gambar kat atas ni (Pakcik Sulong) adalah arwah datuk saya..baru meninggal tahun lepas...nak tau jugak waris2 dia yg jauh ni.

emel :

terima kasih.sebarang pertolongan amat saya hargai.