Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Busy Week

At Yayasan Pahang after the interview

It was quite a week despite I am still having limitations with my back. I accompanied a patient to Kuala Lumpur by ambulance, interviewed candidates for Anugerah Belia Negara Peringkat Negeri Pahang, visited families and testdrive a newly bought Honda Civic.

A view of Sungai Kuantan(Esplanade) from Floor 17 Yayasan Pahang

A day prior to traveling to Kuala Lumpur, I was a panel interviewing candidates for Anugerah Belia. Anugerah Belia Negara. This Anugerah is a yearly event where the Ministry of Youth and Sports will select individuals and society which they think performs well and can be an example to others. Pengarah Yayasan Pahang, Pengarah Penerangan Negeri, Timbalan Pengarah Biro Tata Negara, Pengarah Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Pahang and I (representing Presiden Majlis Belia Negeri Pahang) were the panels. We interviewed candidates in Youth Leader category. We spent 4 1/2 hours questioning and testing the abilities of the 10 selected candidates in various aspects including ability to speak fluently both in Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Inggeris, leadership, capabilities, performance, contributions, recognition obtained, his views on present scenarios including policies and politics. All the candidates are active in the governing political parties except for one who is not holding any political post but very charismatic with good potentials.

A boat moving towards Kuala Sungai Kuantan

One our favourite question, "Apa pendapat anda tentang kenaikan harga minyak 30 sen seliter. Apakah ia tidak menjejaskan kehidupan rakyat terutamanya orang kampong?"

Special sambal ikan bilis cili padi

Favourite answer, "Kenaikan ini tidak banyak dan tidak menjejaskan. 30 sen je, kalau beringgit-ringgit memang menyusahkan. Ada juga orang kampong yang komplen, tapi selepas mendengar penjelasan, ok je la."

Delicacies served after lunch. Prepared by students from IKIP Catering

A few who are in business will say, "Memang meningkatkan kos operasi tetapi kami akan cari jalan untuk mengatasinya agar tidak menjejaskan perniagaan kami."

Bunga Ros air mawar at my aunty's house

We further enquired, "Awak rasa wajar tak kenaikan ini. Kami dengar ada yang kata wajar, ada yang kata tidak wajar dan ada yang kata tidak wajar tetapi kerajaan tiada pilihan lain."

Kesidang; Strong and Very saeet smell

The answer, "Memang wajar sangat, ini pun kerajaan masih memberikan subsidi. Harga minyak kita masih murah berbanding dengan negara-negara lain. Kan harga minyak mentah meningkat tinggi dan kerajaan kena beli mahal."

Keladi Kemahang(not like ordinary keladi)

But the charismatic youth answered differently. Maybe he was not obliged to defence any policyor stand. To him the hike was expensive considering we are a country that produce oil and comparison should be among oil producing countries. He also added that the government might have no choice with the current situation and old debts.

Honda City belongs to Orang Kilang(just look at the plate number!)

On Saturday and Sunday we had our meals at my dad's place. Panglima was in Kuantan over the weekend helping to clear the undergrowth at our 'tanah pesaka'. We had supper with Mr OK and later drove his new Honda Civic. VROOOOM!

Opposite warong Pak Mat-drying the salted fish(on a good day)

This coming weekend will he more hectic since there is a wedding among the family and then I have to travel to Mentakab to meet my old friends from Abu Bakar School whom I last saw more than 30 years ago.

Warung Pak Mat Corner;
excellent Mee Calong, Mee Jawa and Mee Goreng Mamak


dr in the house said...

For everyone's info, I didnt plan to be in that Motor Advert. But in the spur of moment I 'accidentally' leaned on the car and gave a thumb up, hehe. Well, like all Auto Advert/ Motor show, you see semi-naked girls posing by the car, I guess this is a substitute, haha.

Btw, can anyone tell me, how do semi-naked girls help to promote car sales??!! Dunia oh dunia!

Anonymous said...

what camera do you use? the pictures are amazing! i'd like to have a camera like yours! and if you dont mind, could you tell me what brand of camera is good, for 7 and above megapixels? thanks a lot!

kenakelayan said...

Heehehe iKelah tu Honda Civic, bukan Honda City. :D

Saya berangan nak Mini Cooper tapi mahalnyer.. tak payahlah. MyVi pun jadik. Ke OK nak belikan saya Honda City?

Pictures are gorgeous as usual. Where can I get anak pokok bunga kesidang?

I like the magnificent view of Sungai Kuantan from Kompleks Teruntum.. (teringat the day we went on the Kuantan River Cruise)..tak ambik gambar prison view ke?

Bea said...

Yes ikelah, where do I get and how do I plant 'pokok bunga kesidang.'? I've been looking for this plant a long,long time. It is indeed sweet smelling. My late grandmother used to have this plant at our house and I can remember that it was always flowering, tidak kira musim. Unfortunately, it's no longer there now.

Looking at that pic of pokok bunga kesidang, just bring back sweet old memories. I can even 'smell' the flower right now....

Pycnogenol said...

The bunga kesidang looks beautiful and I'm pretty sure smells just as nice. But I'm more enticed by your special sambal ikan bilis cili padi.
Sedap makan dengan nasi panas-panas, ek?

dr in the house said...

Yes that bunch of kesidang is so lovely. Why, it can be turned into a hand-held flower posse for a bride, pronto, without having to be arranged! Agreed?

Izhal said...

En. Azmi,

saya memang kagum blog ni sebab berbanding blog2 lain gambar2 sini tip top. ya memang blog lain pun banyak bergambar tapi tak macam ni... memang komposisi menarik, cahaya cukup dan lain2 lagi...

gambar bot tu kalau tak silap saya En. Azmi ambil dari hospital Kuantan kan??? tapi heran pulak nampak laut... i miss kuantan...

the answers on the oil price from the interviewees sounded not sincere. i dont know, i was not there too see the body language and reactions they gave while answering...

what would you have answered if you were the interviewee regarding the 30sen increase in oil?

b4 i forget, kesidang picture, my favourie :)

kenakelayan said...

yeaaa betullll... (idea untuk the next wedding bagus nih... sapa yek)

mynn said...

i wanted to ask the same question as "anonymous" -- what camera do you use? the pictures are realllllllyyyyyy well taken. ke guna camera O-K?

easylady said...

my mother in law called goreng ikan bilis cili paditu as "sambal gila" sebab bila buat nanti dia asyik terbersin aje..he..he tapi whatever it is ia memang sedap.

ngarut aje sapa yg jawab tak de kesan kenaikan minyak pada masyarakat..

JoKontan said...

Man!! ohhhh maaaaan... Look at the .jpgs. Oh my God !. Exquisite!!

The blue backdrop @ Bunga Ros airmawar tuu is the langit ker ?

When photos are these good, one can feel the hotness of the cilipadi and smell the sweetness of the kesidang..

Queen Of The House said...

Bunga kesidang tu, does it smell anything like bunga melur? Such a lovely flower surely must have an even lovelier smell. Pokoknya macam mana? Bush or tree?

Simon said...

What can I say? Everybody`s crazy over the Bunga Kasidang picture. I love bunga Kasidang myself but I don`t think it`s the best picture here. It`s OK but not great. It can be great with the help of a reflector to eliminate the shadows and bring out the main object. The colours doesn`t seem to be distictive enough. The depth of field also doesn`t seem shallow enough.
I`d say the rose is better with a good contrast with the blue sky. Are you using the polar filter? Considering you don`t have any expensive lighting set, I`d say it`s a good job with the flash.
I kind of love the salted fish picture most. The clouds are great. The composition good. For such frame, I wonder how it`d be if you use the salted fish as the main object, so take closer so we can see it`s some fish alright, using the shortest focal and high apperture.
As for the Anugerah Belia, I believe in people who can see changes, bring changes, macho enough to speak up what they believe in and not some yes sir type of people.
So who got the award? It`d show the likes of our nation leaders.

Queer Eye for the straight Guy said...

Since my good friend Simen have commented on the good photos, I`ll just comment on the first photo. There is a niticable irregularity in the composition. There are 4 guys in blazers which doesn`t match with the pants. Did they swap blazers there? There`s one lady in baju raya. She`s the best dressed and I can smell her perfume from here. She`s probably the Penerangan one. There`s 2 guys without blazers and I want to comment on one of them. He`s the one with short sleeves. So short, either his arms are long or the shirt is already too tight for him.
Someone please get him a long sleeve shirt. And a matching necktie. Looking at this photo, I'll say the person in front of the camera is also important.

dr in the house said...

Queer-eye- For someone who has only 4 pants and 4 shirts to go around the whole year through, you're good! hehe

Boogey said...

1 slacks, 1 casual pants and 3 shirts now. Seluar lain dah KIA.

dr in the house said...

Queer eye- One more thing. Dont be too chauvinistic. That lady is the Head of Yayasan Pahang. And that is not her kurung raya. She wears kurung everyday to work. She may smell sweet but she is still headstrong, fit as a leader!

Ikelah said...

To add some life to the car

Nikon D50 kit. You can try Nikon D200 or Cannon EOS 350D, annon EOS 30D.

Silap type, dalam artikel disebut Civic....i have problems actually typing on a notebook. desktop ditawan oleh orang lain. At that floor, it was very windy, could not fully open the windows, some views the sky was not that 'good'.

kesidang tu dengarnya banyak di KB and Johor, ini mengikut rakan saya di KB yang rumahnya di tanah about 4 acres kalau tak silap; 1 part bunga, the other part pokok hutan dan buah-buahan. Dia ada kesidang, sundal malam,kenanga, cempaka, kemboja, tanjung, melor, mawar, bakawali dan lain-lain.

Dengar kata di KB dan Johor. Balik KB kena cari.;) the smell was really sweet.

That day sambal tersebut jenis mentah. ada yang jenis goreng. begitulah mengikut kata guru tukang masak IKIP. Memang sedap ditambah dengan ikan kerapu goreng 3 rasa, udang butter prawn(lain dengan yang dimasak di rumah kami), ayam goreng bersantan(macam ayam golek), sayur goreng, pudin, tart, muffin yang disediakan untuk kami.

yup lovely

thanks, tapi lebih sangat pujian tu.

gambar diambil dari tingkat 17 kompleks teruntum.

candidates jawab dengan penuh yakin dan mereka percaya dengan apa yang dimaklumkan kepada mereka kecuali beberapa orang.

Bagi saya ia tidak sepatutnya berharga sedemikian. kenaikan 30 sen dengan alasan bahawa naik sekali gus dan tidak perlu naik 2-3 kali setahun lagi tidak munasabah. ia akan menyebabkan beberapa barang akan naik harganya walaupun kerajaan cuba mengatasi melalui fleet card kepada perniagaan tertentu dengan memberi subsidi. kita memahami masalah kenaikan harga minyak mentah yang sekarang ini sekitar USD65-USD70 se berel tetapi sebagai negara pengeluar minyak bermutu tinggi, ianya tidak harus memberi kesan bahkan ia menguntungkan kita. Ia menjadi masalah pada kita kita minyak di bumi kita ini bukan milik kita.

wedding miss farah of sheffield.

Guna Nikon D50 sama jenis dengan OK.

Memang sedap giler sambal tu ;). tapi belum peringkat 'sawan'

Mereka ini telah dilatih menerima apa saja but not by me. Memang menyedihkan memandangkan 3/4 of them are graduates/diploma holders. Ini belum orang kampung lagi. hehehe.

biru tu langit. guna polarizing filter. if the lighting is adequate with a clear sky, it will bringout the sky color. bunga tu tinggi sampai ke bumbung.

Bau kesidang lebih kuat dari melor. Dia macam sundal malam jugak, cuma sundal malam ni, malam saja dia wangi.

i can agree with simon. actually it was not the best time to capture the picture of kesidang; 1. i tried hard to steady my right hand. had to keep the flowers from moving. the evening sea breeze was quite strong. my assistant was a bit busy with buah mempelam 'colek' at that time. As for the depth of field, i am not using a macro lens. maybe someone or my youbger siblings are kind enough to give me on my coming birthday, then we can talk about art of macro photography. ;)

As for bunga mawar, it was shot at 82mm focal length, a distance with the sky as the background. Flash was used as it was already dark(contributes to dark blue sky) with -1/3 EV to reduce the reflection.

ikan masin picture; i shot a few sets at different day. this is among the best i could get. for shots of ikan masin as the subject with such background, i need a wide angle lens which i dont have. maybe on this year wedding anniversary, i'll get a 12-24mm ED lens from my brothers. ;)

The guy who disagreed with the oil rise got the award.

queer eye
As for the blazers, they are government servants which dont have that much money as in private sectors to match everything. the well dress lady is the pengarah of yayasan pahang. that sort of dressing signifies that she is somebody with a title(she is a dato').

from the posture, the guy in short sleeves is waiting for a shirt, necktie and a matching pants from his brother on his coming birthday i guess. ;)

the important guy behind the camera is a clerk who does the paperwork so that the yayasan pahang scholars get their scholarship in time.

get him more shirts and pants

tengah picit hidung.

dr in the house said...


*also tengah picit hidung*

In sengau tone: KIA tu Koyak In Action ke??? Macam Hulk?

kenakelayan said...

I feel like having the ikan bilis cili padi now. Yay ada ikan bilis dan cili padi kat umah!

But I'll have to finish the nasi ayam first.. yum yum...

Izhal said...

kalau saya tukang interview, Dr. Azmi lama dah menang...

Actually in US the price is RM1.60per liter (check bloomberg). The oil that we produce has been bought by US eventhough it is still in Malaysian Soil... I know you know the details... Subjectively speaking, we dont own anymore oil...

30sen price hike memang tak patut... Ianya macam satu Impulse response. Kalau litar elektronik kita bagi satu kejutan, dia akan berhayun dan mengambil masa untuk stabil... takut2 bila dia nak stabil, power failure pula...

mynn said...

ala, nak beli DSLR jugak lah!! Nikon D50 or D70 ... bieeeeeeeeee jom pecah kan tabung!

dr in the house said...

Sabo Mynn, sabo!

Ikelah said...


next week nak BBQ kambing. my unit nak buat. ;)

bukan saya yang bertanding....
saya yang menentukan calun yang layak.

sekarang harga makanan sudah mula naik kerana turut naik ialah harga gas masak naik RM4 from RM20 thats 20% raise.

get a D70s, price difference dengan D50 tak banyak for an excellent secondhand, bahkan dah turun dengan keluarnya D200.
Kalau tabung tu ringan go for D200.

neemo said...

nice pictures, as usual.
i love the sky, as usual.

p/s: i'm thinking of getting an operative surgery textbook. any suggestion?

kenakelayan said...

Yum yum yum BBQ kambing.. lamb or mutton? Marinade dengan apa? Ada liver tak? Tak nak buat Arab style roast plus nasik ke? Sedap giler... Lamb Qabuli Afghan pun sedap giler...

Hehehe I think the next time Mynn is in Pantai Timur we should all meet up. You guys would have a lot to talk about, while us girls can urm, bincang hal negara (hehehe).

ifos said...

Wonderful pics... my fave has got to be the salted fish one ;)

OK said...

I wish the house in Kuantan dah siap.. I really want to saty there. At least better activities to do on weekends...

Also kalau bosan, gi KL. It is only 2 hours away.

crimsonskye said...

The salted fish pic topped the list IMO, with the kesidang coming a close second. I really like how the pale colour of the flowers compliments the darker green of the leaves.

Has said...

ku disapa dengan madah
memaut tumpuan dalam keharuan
menjejaki empunya adalah mudah
lantas ku tertanya kenapa sekarang?

Izhal said...

Dr. Azmi,

gambar bunga ros tu ambil pakai filter apa2 ke? or ambil naked lens gitu je???

Ikelah said...

operative surgery. have to check for the latest. i am not sure of the title.

looking forward for lamb kambuli afghan. bila balik?

olympus tu ok, cuma tak jumpa subjek dan tak kena masa. dont forget your uncle.

bila siap sebenarnya?
how is your car?

thanks. you should come over and take pictures

healing by meditation

tak pakai filter sebab dah senja... getting dark. i used the builtin flash and bring down the EV. bunga tu kat bunbung, quite a distance.

OK said...

Dear A. Long

Rumah should be ready by bulan 10 insyaAllah.

By then we would be well rooted in Kuantan. ;)Target nak buat doa selamat dan doa kesyukuran masa tu.

The car tak nak post sgt sebab sudah dipesan jgn hebahkan sgt. But the car is doing fine and about to go for the first service.


anggerik merah said...

Ikelah...lovely pics. Keep shooting! Now I could appreciate more of Kuantan plus some of the flowers which I never heard before.

Anonymous said...

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