Monday, March 20, 2006

Maman's Fishing Galore

Preparing breakfast

It had been a boring week with backache, physiotherapy and limitation of activities. We missed the wedding kenduri at Raub and it seems that we are going to miss another wedding kenduri at Lanchang.

At the kolam waiting for ikan telapia and lampam

I got a call from my uncle on Saturday afternoon asking whether we wanted to join them for a picnic at his kolam in kampung Sungai Pandan. I was still worried of my back but he told me there is a pondok that I could lie down if needed.

Celebrating Maman's first catch in his life time

Maman's second catch helped by Emi our maid

So, on Sunday, again on our old Nissan Sentra, we travelled off road to kampung Sungai Pandan. We had a spread of mee goreng, tuna sandwich and karipap for breakfast, with a good brew of nescafe to wash down, courtesy of my good aunt (kenakelayan’s mom) . Then we went fishing at the pond. The first catch was by my uncle, a fairly small ikan talapia. The next and third catch, were by Maman, 2 big ikan talapia. They just use a hook and a string without a fishing rod.

A dead tree by the pond

As for me, as usual, I was taking photos. There were many things that could be captured from landscape, the living creatures, people and macro photography. It was an enjoyble outing and we are looking forward for an ikan bakar barbeque when the other kids are around as well.

Dragonfly taking a rest

A chameleon curious with the sudden activities and smell of delicious food


easylady said...

very nice close-up pictures.

How long does maman has to wait for his first catch?Tak boring ke kak roza menunggu ikan ngap umpan?

Izhal said...

Nissan sentra ni dah offroad adventure banyak kali... hebat...

i like fishing...

last, 2nd last picture very nice. 3rd last picture looks like winter in Pahang...

have a good one doc :)

dr in the house said...


Whenever I got bored, I headed for the 'house' and snacked, hehe. I had kenakelayan's mom to chat with. So it was never boring.

Paul Moss said...

You`ve gone a long way from starting from the old Yashica or was it Konica? Three great pictures the tree, the dragonfly and the chameleon. The chameleon stands out against the background and that`s good. I would prefer if you take it closer or do some post production work to enlarge the object. I would like to choose the chameleon as the best but the image lack the sharpness but it`s not something you can do much about unless you have the budget for an expensive high quality optics. The tree is very good also and many messages can be relayed using the tree. If you stand there with hand leaning against it, the other hand supporting your aching back then it would have a stronger message: the old man and the old tree for example.

Ikelah said...

first catch 15 minutes after a few unsuccessful throws. he cant cast the line but once its in the pond, the fish will eat it. unlike others, the fish will only stare at the bait.

at hospital kuantan 1987/88. cun tu bergantung pada mata yang memandang. ;)
kereta ni, walaubagaimana buruk sekalipun, jika kita sayang akan dia, it wont give us trouble.

hmmm... sembang orang perempuan.

paul moss
abah beli kodak instamatic and kena curi oleh pencuri yang masuk rumah masa bulan puasa tu. later arwah mami beli fujica, my first SLR after LCE.
gambar tu ok laaa kalau dari amateur punya mata. kita bukan guna macro lens. just use 55-200 F4.5/5.6. kita mana ada prime lens macam panglima. pasal pokok tu, i agree with you but the problem is that those guys were busy watching the fish that they just ignore my whereabouts....tambahan lagi orang 'handicapped'. bila ke kuantan? boleh pergi outing kat situ... ada banyak ponds actually. ;)

Izhal said...

ya ya ya betul tu Ikelah... Hamamatsu ni ada temple khas untuk bless your car, lepas tu it should be a good car...

1987/88, nurse time tu feshen rambut karan kot... 94-96 feshen rambut lurus, CUN, LEMBUT dan BAIK...

its too late now, Oyasuminasaiii...

kenakelayan said...

Ohhh itu rupanya kolam tu (kawe tak pernah pergi pun.. uhuk huk uhuk)
Thanks for posting up the lovely pics!
Sorry to hear about your backache, I hope it gets better soon... it must be horrible to live with.

Who is the mysterious figure in green sitting on the riverbank in the 2nd photo?

*wondering apalah yang disembangkan DITH and Mama tu*

dr in the house said...

H the Manis- haha- that figure was actually Mama adorning a green towel to ward away the stinging heat!

Sembang apa? Dont worry , mundane stuffs. Like how to bring up twin boys, hehe

dr in the house said...

Izhal, ko jangan lak hantar kereta ko ke temple tu,hehe

Syirik tu!

Ikelah said...

rambut ok masa tu, biasa je, cun dan more responsible compair to sekarang. now they have to do more paperwork(macam clerk) more than patient service. they pull out the ward clerks. reports show that one do the job, not the praises from the patient. its sad.

sini pun ada orang tpung tawar kereta.

its good to now you are well now. lama sabatical. yes, they sembang about the twins, about dato' K kerja PASDEC, about ikan, about Hanis... etc.

nanti u balik kita plan BBQ ikan. semalam we all dah bakar the ikan...telapia bakar ala beserah, sedap.

thanks for answering. (dia tak cerita habis) <----cerita orang perempuan.

Queen Of The House said...

Maman's first catch - must be a memorable moment for a boy. My son's still eagerly waiting to cast his first line, but my husband only goes fishing at sea, so the son no way boleh ikut (say I) :)

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

My my.. what beautiful pictures! I especially love the one with the dragonfly!

neemo said...

gambar pokok tu.. macam cover movie BIG FISH ke ape ntah nama. nice pictures!

Ikelah said...

kat laut ikan besar besar. my uncle fish kat laut juga. Your son's time will come.

rajin dengar rajin dengar ceramah di kolej-U. we used to do that pre medical when we still have ample time.

thanks.... tak tau nama movie tu(me watching 24)

dr in the house said...


Yep, that tree is a true resemblance of Big Fish front cover. I read that book only to find it curiously mind-boggling. Guess I have to reread it to truly comprehend it, now it's out in the movies, eh?

neemo said...


Yep, lama dah kluar kut. Tapi ntah.. I find the movie boring jugak? LOL! Cammane orang boleh tukar jadi fish. Hmm.

Wastepaper basket said...

wah, sesi Maman menambahkan jisim

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