Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Jilbab

Case of Shabina Begum. how sensitive are we concerning this aurat issue.

1. I've written before about the case of Shabina Begum, the Muslim girl who wanted to wear a jilbab to school in contravention of her school's uniform policy.

2. MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a request by Muslim women to cover their hair for passport photographs in what rights activists say is a sign of Moscow's growing anti-Islamic stance.

3. The French parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a ban on Islamic headscarves and all other overt religious symbols from state schools.

War against Islam is not just confined to invasions and political attacks but also everywhere including their home, a place they louded as champion for human rights. Their first step is to shame the sisters by taking away her jilbab, by force or propaganda. That was what they did when the Italians invaded Libya.

As a fellow muslim have we done our part?
Have we done enough as Ansarullah?
Our turn will come, its a matter of time.
We will be tested for our Iman.

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dr in the house said...

At present, the best we can do is

1) preach Islam

2) be a good muslim and exhibit good akhlak

3) fight for our rights as vigorously possible.

4) Always support other fellow muslims who are being oppressed.

Boogey said...

Tengok website ni :

kenakelayan said...

There is a somewhat mixed reaction from the UK Muslim community on this. Partly because this issue has been politicised by certain organisations with somewhat questionable interpretations of some parts of the deen. And some people are a bit wary of some elements of society going around and proclaiming that it is obligatory for sisters to wear the jilbab, and the jilbab only: such styles like the long skirt, or even the loose baju kurung deemed impermissible by these people. And trousers for females some people consider haram! While I do not have a problem with different valid opinions, the failure to recognise that there is genuine disagreement in certain matters of the deen makes for some very intolerant members of society.

Overall the sister has been very brave indeed. I do feel that uniforms in the UK are ridiculous, some girls are wearing skirts that are too tiny and too tight. And hairstyles not appropriate for their age.

An interesting discussion:

Wa Allahu 'alam.

Izhal said...

things are repeating like the time Nabi Muhammad SAW started to preach Islam...

in those times, everything was done undercover, safety first... everything got better with time and of course by Alloh's will...

now the whole thing is happening again but on a world wide scale...

good question, how should we act???

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

I feel sad when I read news like this, but I don't know what else I can do than to tell the non-Muslims the reasons behind Muslimahs' action of wearing hijab.. and to tell them the truth about Islam.. I don't know if that's even adequate.

kenakelayan said...

Perhaps I should have mentioned that the school Ms Shabina went to already had a loose salwar kameez (punjabi suit) version of the uniform with hijab for its female Muslim students, which it declared after consultation with the local Muslim community. Ms Shabina is saying that the jilbab (loose outer cloak over clothes) is obligatory for Muslim women, trousers are impermissable, hence the court case.

I think they should have just let her wear the jilbab at school.

Anonymous said...

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