Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Day to Remember

Cenderahati (

2 nd April 2006 was a date to be remembered. It had been 34 years since I left Abu Bakar School Mentakab(ABS Mentakab) just before sitting for my Standard Five Assessment as my dad had to transfer to Kuantan.

Gambar beramai-ramai di hadapan bangunan sekolah

The gathering ran smoothly from a fabulous welcome address by our old friend Cikgu Abd. Malek, a note from ex student representative Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah and a short speech from the present headmaster. We had photo sessions, a good lunch, tea and a round table talk. Most of us were either from Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan or Mentakab. We also had a friend who flew from Melbourne to be with us. Congratulations to the organizing committee headed by Rosemayati.

Berkongsi pengalaman lucu

All the speeches given by my friends were interesting but a statement from Lee Kwang Chow, now Aaron Lee triggered my mind to recall all those good time during schooling days. He said that he never had a non chinese friend that he was so confortable with except for those who were from the primary(ABS).

Menjamu selera sambil beramah mesra

What he had said about his feelings can be refered to other ethnic groups as well. At that age we were innocent and not influenced by any racial, political or social grudge. We spoke english or malay to each other no matter weather it was proper or broken. We played 'police and thief', 'guli', 'konda kondi', 'hopper', shared secrets and recipes without any hesitations. We trusted each other and the trust was based on sincerity, trustworthiness, good manners etc.

Human train on the move

My 'closeness' to a non Malay friend however was extended until the secondary school. Since I was in a residential school, we grew together, eat, play, study and understand each other. I could still remember Lip Boon the left winger, Bhajan the left back and Visua the right half who played hockey with me the right winger, with all those penalty corners, penalty flicks, the goals and screaming in triumph after beating the better teams.

Pantai Beserah:menjemur ikan kering

I still have non Malay friends with my involvement in non government organizations but as Aaron had pointed out, the closeness is not the same as those whom we knew during our younger days.

Cenderahati majlis perkahwinan dua pupu saya pada hari yang sama


dr in the house said...

Sofi called last night and she made this statement: Abah's entries make it seemed that both of us are so free and having all the time in the world to galavant!

My reiteration: all these activities are actually done on Sundays as our weekdays are so packed with work.

And since ikelah's Nikon is always by his side, he gets to capture all those moments when we were out together however short it was, weekdays even!

kenakelayan said...

:) Too true iKelah. My non-Malay friendships (with the exception of a few) were mainly extensions of those formed in primary school. We were friends with people we clicked with, regardless of race nor colour. We learned how to respect each other in our childhood, something which I feel, in most people, going to a non-mainstream school simply doesn;t equip you for.
Upon entering secondary school, I just couldn't understand why those from Chinese primarys seemed different. They seemed more remote, as though they had invisible barriers around them. And unfortunately I felt uni life in Malaysia just strengthened those fences. :(

kenakelayan said...

Having said that though, 2 of my closest friends were from Tamil primarys. :)

Boogey said...

Great very touching entry. So have you found out why they never invited me? Probably because I only spent 1 year in ABS and Pak Min was my bodyguard. I remember how bad tempered I was then. I almost killed someone back then at the Tamil school if Pak Min didn`t stop me. Ikelah, can u still sing the Tamil song?

Paul Moss said...

Great composition but great image. Thumbs up for the human train composition which is my favourite. It would be better with a shorter focal. 17mm or shorter. Good effort on the ikan kering but you need a wide angle for the perfect image. Otherwise the composition is already good.
You really ought to buy a wide angle or get one from your wife as a present.

Ikelah said...

The Nikon is not a waste. i make full use of it almost everyday.

Memang pun. when i met your 'kelik', a doctor, her big eyes became bigger when i told her that you and me are cousins.
Ini yang kita tidak faham tentang sekolah jenis kebangsaan yang mewujudkan polarisasi kaum.

Kenakelayan again
Takkan anak loyar tu from sekolah tamil!

The invitation was only for my batch, class of 68. Yes, that indian boy tease you. You were angry, jump and gnawed him.
It was not a song, but a recitation during a game played by the indian girls. something like this," yinde mane munek." Finishing it, she turned to the back to see if anyway moved. My uncle(3 years older than me) was just behind the unsuspected girl with his pointing finger at the girl's cheek which hit when she turned around.

thanks. i agree agouw a wider lens which is more suitable. gotta get a fish eye lens for that because of the crop factor. i am actually waiting from my beloved brothers.

kenakelayan said...


No, your 'colleague', we were in primary together.
I am referring to one of my friends from uni, who I now see as an elder brother. Gets along great with OK too. The other is my current housemate. :)

Ikelah said...

oooo rajesh... dan seorang lagi tu. hidup di perantauan. macam sarah(mix lah kot, hahahaha) and serah(indian) of volgograd.
but i tengok your affinity memang dengan indian. macam i more ke chinese, so are our uncles. ;)

Izhal said...

Dr. Azmi,

one quick question... what time do you shoot pictures to get a good blue looking sky??? tengah hari boleh dapat biru macam tu ke???

human train... that shot gor character!!!

Ikelah said...

the ikan masin about 2.30 pm. the sky over beserah at this time of the year is excellent at certain angle especially facing the sea, noth east and east, south east. apa nama cloud dia? cirrius and cumulus the high and mid level clouds. if faceing the land... there will be more stratus cloud at taht time.

train... that was at mentakab railway station. wheather and light tak berapa baik... about 5.30pm, tapi the subjek bagus...carriages, the station etc. at the end of the road baru nampak this human train enjoying themselves. ;).

Izhal said...

oh ye ke... tepi pantai kot langit biru macam tu... sini kalau 230pm nampak light blue almost white... name of clouds betu la tu... nimbus yang tebal berkepul2 tu kan? tapi bila naik kapal terbang dan masuk airspace malaysia, the clouds are very thick and beautiful... semalam saya pakai ND filter untuk ambil gambar langit pakai handphone, so nampak biru sikitlah... one of these days ill post the pictures :)

have a great Jumaat!!!

pycnogenol said...

My good friend, Dr. Rusli Noordin was from Abu Bakar School too. Am not too sure though whether the school was in Mentakab or Kuantan. They have Abu Bakar School in Kuantan too?

Dont know whether it's just me, but looking at that pic of 'ikan kering di jemur', I can even "smell" them.

As always, nice pics. I love the 'human train on the move.' Baik-baik dik, nanti tergilis train kat belakang tu!! Budak-budak sekarang, especially kat bandar, dont know what they're missing, ye Ikelah?

Ikelah said...

taking photos at mid day is supposed to be against the rule of getting good images. the harsh sun and the shadows will make the photos less desiring. however human made rules are meant to be broken.;) in this case, as long its a beauty to my eyes, i'll just snapped it. i think you were using the same impulses as shown in your photos at your blog.

the ND filter can darkened the sky to some extend but it wont bring the clouds out much. in black and white photography we used to place a red filter to get the clouds.

the jumaat was not that great indeed. i was working and when i was about to leave, there came a patient who needed attention and a few test done.

there are afew schools named after the late sultan abu bakar. there is abu bakar school mentakab which is a primary school. ABS temerloh which is a secondary school with hostels, SABS kuantan which is also secondary school that had produced many well-known figures including allahyarham sudirman. Sultan abu bakar school(SABS) kuantan was the best school in pahang before the introduction of science school and MARA colleges. their students were not only excell in academics but in sports and leadership as well.

ikan kering tu memang bagus, kena simpan dalam peti sejuk sebab mereka tak guna bahan awet. most of the places in kuantan they use preservatives for ikan kering and ikan bilis but not here. the chinese here speak malay just like the local malays and they get along with the malays well.

we, who were brought up in mentakab with the railway station nearby loved to 'copy' and played the human train games, mimicking the sounds etc. from ABS mentakab we could hear the hooting sound when the train was about to cross the river, that could be seen from our classes. ABS was once a great school; 2 storey wooden buildings with a huge field, a basketball court, a badminton court, a volleyball court, a spacious playing ground, gardens, teachers quarters and uncleared land. it was on a hilltop next to a mosque with all the sports fascilities in the valley. the air was fresh with the smell of clean sungai semantan and wild flower/trees at the river bank. memang budak sekarang tak merasai keseronokan kehidupan di kampung atau bandar kecil yang penduduknya saling kenal mengenali antara satu sama lain baik melayu, cina atau india. kita kenal bapa rakan kita, tahu bapa kerja apa dan rasa hormat dan takut bila berjumpa orang tua terutamanya polis berkumis,;)

isk...boleh tulis satu entry pulak ;)
salam to your friend dr rusli.

Izhal said...


Happy birthday 2 u... u circled the sun 45 times already aye...

Ya Allah ya thuanku, panjangkanlah lagi umur sahabatku ini... amin...

hiyoshi said...

I sometimes wonder too where did all my non-Malay friends go off to. It's as if after secondary school, they just dissolved into their own worlds. It's a shame really. I could've learned a thing or two from them.

P.s. The Human Train ---> Priceless

crimsonskye said...

I have quite a number of non-Malay friends from schools, and we're quite close too till today. It's when I entered university the situation becomes somewhat different - different races tend to stick together with their own kind. But this is only a general observation, there are still among us who can make friends easily with the other races. As for me, it's usually through joining/organizing programs that I get to bond with them.

btw I really like the train photo. I wonder if the children were imitating the train or if they were already forming their 'human train' before the train came along?

And happy belated birthday. May your photos never grow less ;)

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Another reunion eh? Heheh.. Come to think of it, it's been a while since my primary school did any reunion.. the last one was probably about 5 years ago.

Ah.. non-Malay friends.. they're wonderful, when you really get to know them and understand their culture.. 2 of my housemates are Chinese, and I enjoy my friendship with them.. they're fun to be with, once you honestly share your culture and views and accept the differences :)

Ikelah said...

Thanks brother.

You have to start searching for them once you have finished your degree. There will be a lot to talk about after that.

We children of Mentakab just like to imitate the train weather its there or not. for those staying along the track or happened to be there, we never fail to wave at the train with or without passengers! we imitate the hooting sound, the chime, wheels moving etc, a totally different experience from those who live in cities.


Understanding and respect is important not only in interaction with people of different race, culture or religion but with a fellow muslim as well. The attitude "tak ape, dia faham" is killing the brotherhood lately. We tend to forget what The Prophet pbuh had taught us regarding our responsibility to a fellow Muslim.


Sorry for the late reply.

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