Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A short Entry: Blog Block

This what they call "Merpati Dua Sejoli".
She leans forward to give him a birthday kiss.
(infront of our balcony:200mm, 1/500, F8, ISO200, AP, -0.7 EV)

I have been absolutely idle for the past 2 weeks with regards to the blog world. No new entries . No blog-hopping and leaving comments. The thing is I was so occupied with many other things pertaining to the ' real' world.

Meyo beranak lagi but this time longhair and semi longhair kittens

On the 9th of April, the unit I am working in, plus a few others held our yearly barbeque cum family gathering. The most memorable fact is that someone had donated a whole goat for the occasion! Alahmadulillah!

Roasting the lamb with Maman giving a hand

Incidentally the next day was my birthday and an old dear friend came to Kuantan with his family (not to celebrate my birthday, mind you but for some other business) and we had a supposedly 'sea-food' feast by the beach of Batu Hitam (read: Thai cooking actually, :p)

The cushion is from Momad and the card from drroza

In the same week, another friend called upon me and asked me out for dinner as well. The interesting part was that we went to 2 different spots of ikan bakar and tasted 2 different kinds of grilled fish within 1 hour! Masyallah!. The trend continued for the days that followed as friends kept on asking me for eat-outs and as my parent-in-laws are here, additional night outs are also in the keeping (no wonder my waist-line seemed to baloon up).

Beserah Resthouse (among the oldent in the country)

What I am trying to say is that there have been lots of happenings but the mood to write is a bit low, like ifos had mentioned once something like blog block.

Mr. Buffalo Si Nelayan Beserah; I have been waiting to snap this scene for a long time.

Dusk at Pelindung Pantai. Do you notice the small moon?

As for the last entry, sorry for the late reply. Thank you.


drroza said...

Finally Mayo has produced long haired kittens. Lepas ni boleh ligate ek?

Everyone! Do you think the pigeons were kissing? I think they were just passing food via their beaks. :p

Izhal said...

Welcome back to the 'real' world... the world out there is dunia yang fana like stated in Koran...

is that barbequeued kambing??? makes me drool...

just wondering, the dusk at pantai pelindung picture, how long was the exposure?

mynn said...

I'm awed looking at your photos.

I wonder how you took the merpati picture? did you stalk the two birds, wait for the birds to kiss, then *snap* or you took bursts of many22 pictures?

the cats are SO VERY COMEL. if sarah gets a hold of them i could only imagine her glee. sarah suka cats very much.

but I like the B&W picture of the buffalo & nelayan best.

it would be excellent if you have a fotopages or deviantart ( or photoblog page and post up your best pictures in an archive.

another question: do you post process your pictures with photoshop?

and a request: i would enjoy it very much if you would discuss how you take some of your pictures in more detail for us to learn!


Paul Moss said...

I think...the best shot is the siluette of the coconut trees. However if you hadn`t said the small bright spot is a moon, then I`d thought your CCD is dusty and I`d recommend some cleaning done.
The second best shot is the pigeons. It`s not sharp enough, the lights are harsh but the composition is very good, depth of field is good and focus the attention to the pigeons. That`s an interesting one.
The buffalo picture is simply hideous. You made a bad decision taking it in black and white. It`s a mess. It`s a very good composition but using black and white you scattered it all over the place. Without colour, the contast factor dissapears. The main object is the buffalo but you need to find it first because its buried in the background. You simply wasted the colours which could make this a great image.
To take a much better image of the cusion you`d at least need 2 softbox and please don`t you have any plain white paper for back ground or at least clean up the bed?

Aki Anjang said...

Aki rasa lah gambor paling baguih hok ada kerbo tu. Teringaaaat Aki zaman muda muda dulu gi memukat kat Beseroh tu. Tengoh menarik kerbo, orang riuh cerita Jepuin langgar Kota Baru. Ni saper ni ha jumpa gambar zaman jepun ni? Zaman dulu mana ada orang kita pake kamera. Semua hok orang putih jek.

dr in the house said...

Hehe, Aki Anjang is trying to iron things out after Paul Moss's sharp critics.

Ikelah said...

nak ligate, ligate laaa..
pigeon kissing? yup she is not carrying anything with her beak prior to the shot.

its kambing alright donated by a client.
it was fast:20mm, 1/250 f8, iso400,EV -1.7, leaning against another coconut tree.


the birds frequent our balcony. i have been watching them from time to time and took several pictures. that particular morning, drroza was using the pc as usual when i saw the birds courting. i changed my 18-55 to 55-200mm and wait with the camera set to manual focus(i dont want it to refocus when i press the shutter at the right moment).

my family likes cat very much too.

i also like the buffalo pic. as for me my best composition ever. others may do better than me, but thats my best.

i agree with you about the fotopages, i have an account but not that active updating. :(

I do post processing. i capture in raw, no enhancement by the camera programme.

we can always discuss, learning from each other about photos that we had taken. thats why i dont mind paul moss commenting and at times giving harsh comments. we learn from others, their mistakes and ours to produce better pictures.

paul moss
some photographers are more inclined to landscapes but others dont. they have their own preferences.

pigeon is not so sharp because its moving, shaking its body and feathers. thats why wildlife photographers use fast lenses. VR lenses might help if the hands of the photographer is not steady or he choose not to use support, tripod/monopod.

The kerbau was shot in color but due to poor lighting of late evening with strong backlighting, the color did not come out nice. I opted to black and white. By clicking it makes the picture larger 800x600, clearer picture.

as for the card and cushion, i purposely made the conforter that way.

aki anjang
i'll put up other pictures of the kerbau untuk kenangan aki.


mynn said...

i think paul moss' comments are quite constructive, I didn't even notice the picture of the pigeons are sliiiiiightly not sharp and how B&W could take away important contrast.

i don't think it's "hideous" though, and the black and white is probably to symbolise it's a traditional method to "wheel in" boats in Malaysia.

mynn said...

I laughed when ikelah commented "drroza was using the pc as usual"

thanks for the detailed "behind the scenes", really enjoyed reading that.
I think you should post up the buffalo pic in colour, just for comparison :)

paul moss
thanks for your comments, i'm learning lots

kenakelayan said...

What a feast for the eyes! I probably won't comment much on technical aspects, leave that to the experts :D.

I liked the birds and the cats best, followed by the kerbau (and only because it was in B&W that it came third). I like animal photos as they don't pose. And the anak kucing is so comeyyy that I just want to scoop it up and hug it... Mayo must be a proud mum! :D

dr in the house said...

Mynn- yeah, he made it sound as though I am in front of the PC 24/7 eh? :p

Paul Moss- I love the kerbau in sephia. True, the kerbau didnt stand out, but that's the whole idea. It's meant to make it blend and be part of the scene. In photography you cant be rigid, lest you'll only produce pics that are "bland" macam bubur tawar, so to speak.

Bottomline, your labeling it as hideous is in fact a heinous crime. I see this as a revenge for a former hard comment on Boogey's beetle's macro pics by Michael Yamashita, :p

AKi ANdak said...

Anjang weii! Ape kabo awok? Kawe doh lame tak nampok kelibat awok. Memang ler gambo kerbau tu kawe rase paling cantek dan penoh nostalgia.

teringat zaman mude dolu, masa badan kawe roit lagi ke laut, nnangkap ikan.

Paul Moss tu saje jeles sebak tu kkuat ngat dia ngutok gambo orang. Hey Paul Aki nok pesan kat awok: awok elok komen bab lagu jek, dudok sebelah Syafinaz....pssst Aki nok mintok tolong Paul pekenal ke Syafinaz boleh tak?

Izhal said...

good choice of settings... i would have gone for longer exposure and balik rumah geram due to dark current noise appearing in the picture... :) you're good...

Mama Sarah said...

Assalamualaikum tuan rumah, saya tumpang lalu sikit.

I like all the photos. They all have stories of their own. The pokok kelapa gambar macam gambar dkt postcard!

I'm confused by Aki's statement about Paul Moss. HE's not the same Paul Moss from M.I.? I thought his comments were rather harsh ala Simon Cowell.

Luckily Ikelah didn't mind. I hope he's a real photographer. too bad there's no link to his name. I would like to see his work.

Terima kasih kasi lalu.

pycnogenol said...

Nice pics as always.

Mama Sarah's enquiry of Paul Moss got me in stitches. You think so Mama Sarah that his comments were harsh? I thought they were good,to the point, professional feedback that we can all learn from.

The birds kissing, the kerbau and the pokok kelapa and the cats have to be my favoutites. Tapi, semua cantik lah, sebenarnya. Not helping ikelah, really. That's why we need Paul Moss.

dr in the house said...

Mama Sarah and Pycno-

Yes Mama Sarah. If you stayed with us longer you'd find out who these people really are and their harsh comments would pale .

In fact Pycno can vouch that. He himself has converted. Why, he can even say that Paul's comments are good now, when previously they would stab and bleed his heart! hehe

Paul Moss said...

Well well well what can I say. I asked the singers is this a singing or a dancing competetion. Here I`ll ask is this about the photos or about me? We enjoy the photos and some make comments and some praises so that tomorrow we can enjoy better images till we too wish we have a good camera and produce stunning images. But before that we need to have the photographers eyes, understand the lights and be enlightened as kenakelayan.
Well Ikelah, for the pegions image, your lens can surely do at least f4 which will in fact provide better depth of field or you can raise the ISO to 400. Both ways can double the shutter speed and freeze the motion. You know that but you didn`t do it because your mind were still on the PC.
The buffalo, yes the composition is superb but contrary to what DITH`s opinion, main object should not blend with background or it`ll loose its title. DITH sounds like Paula Abdul now. If she can`t praise the singing, she`ll praise the shoes or the make up or if can`t find anything else, she`ll just slap Simon`s shoulder. Luckily Jee doesn`t do that. She just sniggers.

pycnogenol said...

Haha DrRoza..when it comes to Paul Moss, I must admit I have converted. Have in fact grown to like him...cynicism, sarcasm, biting and all. But, most importantly, all professionally done. We all have to swallow the bitter pill from time to time, dont you think so?
And guess, it's for that very reason Mr. Moss is still retained as one of the judges for the coming season, right?

Are we still going to see Roslan or Jee.

Jee, who???

Paul Moss said...

I heard Ikelah is going to Yogyakarta and Solo next week. The timing is very good to coincide with the possible Mt.Merapi eruption. Be prepared and bring a sturdy tripod, a good blower for the ashes, cotton or kevlar jacket just in case you get too near and it`s too far to run, hiking shoes and don`t forget the girdle. A 2 days ration in case escape route is cut and you need to survive alone till rescue comes.
I heard the sunsets and sunrise in Yogya is stunning. Do you have any plans for these?

dr in the house said...

I wonder whom will Boogey be when he goes to Jogja. Paul, Aki Anjang, Mat Derih, Karam Singh or??

I wouldnt want to mingle with sharp tounged Paul, sinile Aki ANjang, myopic Mat Derih nor ridiculous Karam Singh!

Pycno- kalau tiga hari dua malam dgn Paul Moss, mahu beruban kepala !!

Mama Sarah said...

Am I that naive and gullible, Pycnogenol? HAve to admit I am new in this blogging world, and already feeling like I have to swim out of it ASAP.

Tak sangka ada Paul Moss wanabe juga dalam dunia ni eh? I feel like sending him to an audition, and see if he suits the part as a judge in M.I. or an Astro photographer.

I think I will postpone my early retirement after reading DITH's comments. Tak sangka ada ramai 'celebrities' kat sini. Karam Singh pun ada!

Aki Anjang said...

Andok Wei! Deme ke Jogja jugok ke? Larat ke ngeret badan tu panjat gunung berapi? Laki awok tu dah la kohot belakangnya, berangan pulok nak memanjat gunung. memanjat satu hal, kang nak turun gona gayanya pulok kalo gunung meletup? Molek lar bawok kaki kamera hok kuat sikit. Boleh buat tongkat kang.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

I LOVE the the first pic very much~!

drbubbles said...


trylah hantar ke they are looking for photos featuring asia's faces and places.

Ku Keng said...

Ah the buffalos. Can I download this photo?

Anonymous said...

DrRoza - Beruban kepala siapa? Pycno ke Paul?

Belum cuba belum tahu....Let me check my diary...or is it too late now for the Jogja trip? ;))

Ikelah said...

like i had mentioned earlier, tha lighting was not good and the lens did not meet the standard requirement for such lighting. i did not get and lens for my recent birthday from my siblings. ;)

meyo memang ada responsibiliy to her anak and cucu which were born at about the same time ;).
sama dengan time dengan cucu cik ma.

like i had mentioned earlier why i chose black & white, not color or sepia. maybe next time i should try duotone or tritone ;)
aki andak
memang untuk nostalgia. satu tradisi di kampung nelayan beserah yang unik dengan menggunakan kerbau utk sama membantu mengaut hasil tangkapan nelayan.

longer exposure will contribute more noise, shake, sky will be brighter. opening the apature wider will narrow the DOF and enhanced the lens flaw.

mama sarah
i know them well actually. we are going for photography sessions together this week.;)
critics make me think deeper to agree or not to agree, and search for my weakness.

thanks, what is important is ur support.
you will learn indirectly from heir coments. its a matter of time.

DITH again
i did not know he was 'converted'. ;)

i agree that it should not blend into the background. as i mentioned earlier, click and the image will be bigger, the kerbau will stand out better. concerning the pigeon, as i had mentioned, my dear brother did fail to send me my 100-400mm F4 lens which was much awaited. the lens i was using could only open up to F5.6 and with experience, it will give some blurness at the edge at that setting. the lens is best at F8-F11, and iso 200 was to give good saturation. 1/500 was actually enough. the possibility for the blurr was the unnoticed handshake due to excitement and not using a tripod. thats the reason wildlife photograper go for the VR or fast lens F2.8 and below. at iso 400, saturation will be compromised.

as for paula abdul, i will leave that to p5 who is an expert with celebrities.

pycno again
just swallow the bitterness, traditional unique formulary. no sugar coating from paul.

paul again
boogey and i planned for the trip quite sometime. i heard you will be tagging along. just hope you can get some good pictures. ;)

DITH again
they are from one boat, sail and sink together with the ever smiling captain with lesung pipit. ;)

mama sarah again
dont quit, you will miss the fun. just watch/read and smile. i almost always do that that irritates my ...

aki anjang
thanks aki, we bring our sherpa/supir along to carry our belongings/equipments. ;)

thanks. thats an oppotunity, to 'sekodeng' the pigeon.

thanks. gambar say bukan lah bagus sangat. ni tahap amatur saja. namun insyaAllah akan say cuba.

tuan keng
tak de masalah, kalau publishkan, just mention the photographer. tak de royalty. ;)

nak join boleh tapi staying anon, macam mana nak kenal.

NOTE: will be going for a trip wilh boogey of Planet Rodong. Will be taking lots of pictures insyaAllah.
Just got back from KL. Did my first 'sports coverage', swimming meet for my niece at Paroi. Now I understand/experience why the sports photograper uses the big fast lenses. ;) Cerita lens sebab dah jadi macam ruang 'photo critics' ;)

Paul Moss said...

Next week we shall see some great pictures. With luck, the Merapi eruption, sunrise at Borobudur, sunset at Parangitis beach, Kotagede ruins, interesting people, interesting transport, interesting sherpa ( he`s someone we know ) and many more. Naturally, there`ll be some great critics as well. That`s my best part.

hiyoshi said...

I've been facing the same problem i.e. blog block. However, not many people have been inviting me out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, save for my parents *wink*

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