Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cat Sanctuary

Mayo and Putie

Maman was down with sinusitis and had sinus washout done last Tuesday. He was tough and recovered fast. On the next day the worst news arrived. An advice fron the doctor that he had to avoid animals with fur. Maman is very fond of animals; cats, fish, insects, reptiles, birds and you just name them. In fact, he wants to be a vet.
However Maman took the news calmly.

Talking about cats, I could still recall when I was still at preschool, we had a white cat with blue eyes called Nikki. Nikki was a smart cat and she could open doors and obey commands. Do you know that a small percentage of white cat with blue eyes are deaf?

Later in Kuantan, our mother brought home a persian. Make a guess of the name... Kitty in rememberence of Nikki that died years back.

Kitty was an intelligent female , recognised people of the house, will run to the owner when called, wont go beyond the gate and will run inside fast if there were strangers, will wait at the door, hate toddlers crying and in fact she slapped one of the youngest siblings for crying loudly, love and watch after babies(human babies), even watch tv with the family, able to open doors, determined which of her offsprings can enter the house when reaching puberty, eat at the table with proper manners(only 2 hands on the table) and hate people touching her with their foot.

Kitty died of old age (age >10 yrs). At present, we have 7 cats; Mayo(Persian), Nikki(Bengal), Runchang(Bengal), Inai(Bengal), Angelo(semi long-hair), Mocel(semi long-hair), Mocot(semi long-hair).
We lost Putie our Turkish Angora 4 months ago.... possibility being kidnapped. Rufus and Totti (both semi long-hair) died 2 months ago of unknown cause. I could still remember when Runchang was still a baby, he called all night if left alone and Maman volountered to sleep downstairs on the sofa with
Runchang. At present Runchang only allows Maman and Aliah to stroke his coat.

Maman and Runchang

We also have wild pigeons nesting on our roof, large beetles, moth and other weird looking insects , black lizards, normal lizards visiting. Beavers crossing the road about 25 metres from our house from a nearby stream, a wild black cat joining the beaver's pack and 'chirping' at night calling our bengals,
feral cats eyeing our long hairs. A few weeks back, i got to know that our house was an attraction as a mini zoo with the neighbourhood kids and even parents stopping by with their children. I am wondering why when there are lots of
ferals roaming; short tail, broken tail, long tail, stout, normal built, sturdy, different coat color or and pattern, short hair, semi long hair and yet our home became the viewing spot.

Runchang at 6 months

As for Maman, for now, he can only watch and call the cats from a distance. Loving them from afar, the only way allowed to show and receive love from them after being advice to avoid touching, stroking and playing with them.


Boogey said...

I can still remember Nikki. She dissapeared for 2 days after being denied sleeping with me because I was down with fever. Dia merajuk and dissapeared for 2 days before found dead under the house. Then Kitty the proud aristocratic queen of the house who decides which of her children can have access to the house and who stays out. She uses the toilet like humans, teaches her children to use the toilet, hated noise and slaped my little sister for crying loudly. My little brothers and sisters wouldn`t dare cry when she`s around. She`ll just jump and give a proper slap but careful enough not to injure with her nails. She`s the only makhluk who dares to mess around with my father which even we dare not. She attacks and chases out any cat big or small male or female who dares invading her territory. I`ve never seen such an amazing cat with such intelligence and character. She`s got the attitude man. Come to think of it I really admired her and knowing her helped strengthen my character in some way. One thing I got from her is I learned to fly.

Arifah a.k.a. afie said...

I wish I can have cats, but my mum won't allow 'mobile' creatures in the house ESPECIALLY those with furs. As such, we only have fishes and a tortoise. Sad case.

pycnogenol said...

Maman and his cats - "CINTA JARAK JAUH" for now. Can the cats understand why Maman cannot be near them for now? Ada yang berkecil hati tak?

kenakelayan said...

I loved Kitty. Remember Putih (Kitty's offspring?) whom your dear mother gave to us when we were kids? She behaved so much like Kitty. I remember getting slapped by Putih when I was singing 'Negaraku' at the top of my voice when I was 8. She had many many offspring, I think half the cats in the neighbourhood are related to her (I can certainly see the occasional neighbourhood cat with the proud bearing and intelligent look in the eyes). Oooh I wish I have a cat now. I think cats here in UK are much much dumber compared to their Malaysian conterparts. I sympathise with Maman entirely... I hope he achieves his dream of becoming a vet... I think we need one in the family, seeing between us we have plenty of animals! Ngah wanted to be a vet too actually... but was steered away to engineering... hehehe...

dr in the house said...

Boogey- you can get so sentimental when you talk about your cats huh! Tak nak cerita pasal doggy ke? hehhe

I miss puty so much I could cry! Sedih sedih

Boogey said...

I am a sentimental person. That`s why I got many old flames. Many still burning I think. Just like in the Istiklal March(Turkish national anthem). I hope Kem penerangan servers is still down.

Ikelah said...

haah.... actually in Mentakab we had 2 dogs to chase intruders. Mereka curi my late mum's orchids. doggy and jimmy were the 2 dogs.(the old generation pets have 'i' or 'y' at the end of their names). Meantakab, those days was surrounded by jungles. We used to 'main tarzan' at the pokok ara a few metres fron our house, jungle tracking, strolling along the railway track, wadding the 'paya' hunting or fishing.

We r so used to 'bersamak' and not that scared when encountering dogs.

Boogey: Ingat tak we also had ayam, itik, burung terkukur and tiong hutan? Also the mengail 'pucong'? Ambush Mr. Maha's party? 'Seko' kacang tanah and jagung student. p5 missed all the fun.

P5 said...

elloo... i remember jimmy. he got poisoned. bersamak was a twice weekly affair. not just from being with the dogs but for getting into the longkang to retrieve football, hockey ball, and tennis ball.

you forgot to mention the 2 geese and 3 ducks we had. and 2 burong pucong that sauntered foolishly into our compound full of cats. the countless numbers of pigeons. i remember boogey and i were tasked to slaughter one of the pigeon, but the knife we used was so dull, it didnt even break the skin!

plus i was there when the two kids got slapped by kitty for (1) arguing/crying loudly, (2) doing it on the ambal. remember kitty would not allow her litter to go near the ambal? kitty also slapped mr rodriguez's dog on the nose! Big Mama attitude.

you missed one little fact. kitty did not come running all the way to you when called. she'd come, and then stopped like 10 steps from you. then you've got to meet her half way. that's one proud lady. she even responded when called "Young Lady". haha..

and then there's memel. he was one big male cat. he'd teach girls to become ladies, ie if the girls sit in sarong in front of the tv with their legs stretched "berlunjur", he'd dive into the sarong straight it. ahahaha... and chased the younger sister out of the toilet while hanging his claws onto her towel. hahahaa... almost everyday without fail. i'd strategically place memel infront of the toilet whenever she's taking a shower.

and hilal, recovered from two major illness. first diabetes. dr bhajan said she'd be skinny rest of his life. but hilal decided to become so full and montel. then he was diagnosed with cancer/tumor in his ears. vet wanted to put him to sleep, but again miraculously he recovered.

so many stories, so little space. meowwww...rrrrrrr!

Boogey said...

Correction...they were Jolly and Jimmy. The Tarzan thing I remembered was Pak Man couldn`t reach the other side and tergantung at the middle above the stream and finally had no choice but to jump.
Back then our playground were huge, we barely knew what danger was. We were given rules to follow but were only punished if we were caught. Maybe at that time, we thought the fun was worth the risk or we got mesmerized easily by the cherry trees and all that. It wasn`t our fault actually, we were enchanted by something. I remember many things from Mentakab. Things that I thought I have forgotten but came back slowly when i read Werq comments. I remember Sarimah, the girl always coupled with me in Kindergarten, Cikgu Hadi our neighbour and his workshop where we get metal crocodile head and the jaga with the rokok daun. I remember Werq and Pak Min used to keluar malam through the tingkap and I report because they didn`t bring me along. I did report or did I only threatened? Can`t remember but I do remember being the Prime Kid in the house the manja one. Werq surely remember walking to town to buy the pistol meletup. I remember getting many things free from the nyonyas. I don`t know why chinese ladies liked me so much. I wished my charm would last till now. P5 came later on...too late to experience the expansive playground. But his playground was still huge compared to what today kids get in KL.

hiyoshi said...

Counting the number of pets that you have in your house, I'd say that it certainly qualifies as a mini-zoo. Throw in a couple more lizards, and you could upgrade to state zoo.

It's such a pity that a bona fide animal lover like Maman has to avoid furry animals...

p/s I really like Runchang. He looks...untamed in a tame sort of way (?)

dr in the house said...

Hiyoshi- sorry ikelah, nak menyampuk ni. Talking about Runchang; he is the tamest amongst the 3. When he first arrived, he was so small and cute and friendly albeit in his own way. He would run around and come near us but doesnt like to be held and would nibble and sometimes almost bite our hands. He would chirp (they never miaow) shrilly especially when hungry. Nowadays he would just look at me with a suspicious eye and should I come very near he would 'sergah' me fiercely. He has lost his friendliness except for his appointed 2 i.e. Maman and Aliah. Sad

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