Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Seven

Maman and his friend; "one evening by the river"

Seven things I plan to do, insh'Allah

1. Travel around the world, revisit Acheh/ Riau
2. Bengal breeder in 9 yrs time
3. Complete my Family Tree research
4. Go for Hajj again and travel middle east/ jejak Rasul
5. Complete my garden project/ Hang all the hangable things on the wall
6. Win another photography contest
7. Partial retirement in 10 years

Seven things I can do, subhan'Allah

1. Take good photos (hmmmm)
2. Cook better than my wife
3. Plan, lead and motivate
4. Jack of all trades
5. Sports; games, atheletics, martial arts, hunting
6. Constructive critics and debates
7. Skip rope 100 times in 30 sec non-stop!

Seven things I can't do, astaghfrallah

1. Play takraw, I have no problem with other games
2. Sing (I am tone deaf) or dance (I have got two left feet)
3. Mengampu. I detest pengampu
4. Make fast money/investment(It will make the whole scheme collapse; BSKL pun boleh jatuh)
5. Carpentry although I love it
6. Deny beggers /promoters with pleading eyes
7. Mengurat. How did I get married. eh! ;)

7 things that scare me:

1. People slandering me
2. Eating haram food (I have a list of non –halal emulsifiers in my wallet)
3. Bapuk, even looking at them ... ngilu
4. Women making advances at me
5. Small spaced room
6. Losing competition; as a competitor or my team
7. Pushing me to be a politician

7 random facts about me:

1. Adventurous; jungle tracking, gone backpacking once to Pakistan, India and Kashmir, ALONE, have climbed few mountains: Tahan and Ledang and nor forgetting Jabbal Nur
2. Love physics and computer technology.
3. I love eating Lamb very much. Enjoyed Nasi Mandi: rice with lamb roasted in ground oven whilst in Madinah
4. I have been in Millitary (wataniah), a captain by rank. I was a ‘sharpshooter’ and won trophies
5. I love animals, any animals and they love me too,J
6. I hate queing up, traffic jams. That’s why I opted not to live in KL
7. A leader wherever I go/group I joined; I used to be one of Pahang top Youth leader, and still a VIP.

Seven things I say most often:

1. Somehow or rather
2. Stay focused (directed to my kids)
3. I nak makan kambing laa
4. Call semalam sibuk betul, patient tak henti
5. Apa tu... aaaaa?
6. You cakap la dgn budak, I malas dah
7. Bebaik, jgn langgar lubang tu!

Seven people that I want to tag:

1-7. None; not to burden friends with indirect resposibility.
Note: Thank u for those who helped me to finish this entry. Without them i could never even start.


Anonymous said...

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Tok Ki Andak said...

Awok minat manjat gunung wei? Kawe pon minat. Gunung Kinabalu awok tak try, cube manjat? Org kate Gunung Tahan susoh lagi manjat nye dari Kinabalu. Kawe tok berape tahu la tu. Satu lagi awok patut cube manjat Adam's Peak kat Sri Lanka. Bagugh tempat tu.

Laa awok pon suke kambieng. Kite serupe le weii. Kawe kalau tok pekene kambieng seminggu, bagai nok mengembek rasanye. Rasa ghimas sunnguh kawe kalau tak rasa hames kambieng dalam mulut. Bior le ape org lain nak kater, panas le, kolesterol le, gemuk le...kawe tak hirau...janji kawe puass mengembek.

Awok kate awok tak mandai ngorat. Tapi mase dulu tu kat campus kawe nampok awok dok asyik mengayat kat student2 awek cun melecun mase time kempen pilihanraya tu? Bukan ngorat name nye? Ish awok nih, tak ngaku pulok.

Jadi awok tengoh mengusahe kan geneology datuk moyang awok ye? Baguih ler tuh. Ada jugok org yg perihaten. org mude sekarang mana nak ambik pusing bab org dolu2.

Boh lah, kawe burundur dulu lah yek. nanti org lain tudoh kawe cube nak buat entry kawe sendiri kat sini. Maklum la, kawe org kampong, tak pandai blog memblog nih.


Nurelhuda said...

Hmm you would be a good friend for my hubby ...he likes the outdoors and has quite a number of other stuff in common with you..like being a dr...

pycnogenol said...

I hate traffic jams too, (that's why I hardly drive in the city) but I have no choice. I have to live in K.L. When I retire - still in two minds. That's why I still keep the house kat kampung tu. Ni masaalah bila dah lama kat K.L. That busy, noisy, polluted city is still home to me. I guess I am half-kampung, half-bandar. Kena settle kat Kuantan or somewhere in Melaka kot?? Biar half-way....

I like your No.3 of things you cant do. I just cannot stand pengampu either. But believe me, there are so many around. Dont even think of going into politics then.....dah naik loya bulan puasa ni, just having the sight/image of them...Uwek!!!

Thanks for your sevens!! Have a better,clearer picture of you now.

Paul Moss said...

Splendid !
The composition is astounding! I will comment no more on the other aspects because the picture clearly shows that you are very talented and for me it`s the phographer eye, not simply the skill in adjusting knobs of a camera.
I`m beginning to see what I have been waiting for here.

Anonymous said...

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crimsonskye said...

You really are versatile! :) btw, have you scaled mount kinabalu? in my family, only my father and my sister had done it.

my parents chose to stay permanently in labuan for the same reason you stayed in kuantan ;)

well, there's no mention of a 4th world-ranking warlord here, is there? hehe..

kenakelayan said...

Nice photo and interesting list!

No.3 of things you can do: point of contention between you and drroza? You guys have to have a party for me where BOTH of you cook and I get to be the judge (hehehehe). To go for Hajj and Jejak Rasul sonds great, can we (me and hubby) come too?

What martial arts is it? Somehow I can't recall u being much of martial artist... which discipline are you into at the mo?

No mengurating? I know how you got married!! It must be the 1st ever gift you gave to drroza *wink wink* that did the trick!! Do you still remember what was it?

pycnogenol said...

What was that 1st ever gift that swept drroza off her feet??

Boogey said...

O Mi God. Dr Roza ke yang ngurat Ikelah? Sunnah sunnah.

Ikelah said...

tok ki andak: plan to panjat gunung kinabali someday. be with nature is a mind relaxing activity. u'll appreciate God's creation and feel His Greatness by observing the untouched beauty.

nurelhuda insyaAllah. i believe we will have a lot of things to talk about.

pycnogenol .ur welcome. in KL, i'll try to avoid driving tru bz roads. i'll get a cab or the LRT.

paul thank u. but now i m without a camera. :(

annonymous thanks for the free tips

kenakelayan Insya Allah, tentu seronok gi sama, ajak boogey sekali jadi guide dan sherpa (sherpa makcik tu kat mekah).

martial arts: karete and silat(masa sekolah dan kerja kat penang). boogey, dan p5 pun belajar, cuma tak publish macam yang bungsu tu.

memang tak ngurat pun. otomatik je jadi. 1st gift.... hehehehe... bebrapa barang termasuk roses dan purse kulit ular...hahahaha, ular yang digeruni.

boogey dia tak ngurat. serious person brother, orang takut.... tapi bak kata pepatah "cuma jauhari yang kenal ma'nikam."

hmmm... apasal dr in thehouse yang kuat komen tak nak komen haah??? ;)

Tok Anjang said...

Tok ingat lagi ha drRoza tu. Yang orang Kolumpo kawin dengan mi tu ken? Tok nengok nengok dia, Tok ingat dia tengah menurun seru jin ke menda sebak keras je muka dia tak mboh senyum.
Tok risau jugak macam mana lar dia nak duduk dengan puak puak Tok hok tiga suku nih. Tu lar dia dok cakap pening kepala tiap hari tu. Darah tinggi melangit dok tak tahan perangai tiga suku puak kita ni lar.

lisataft60611613 said...

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kenakelayan said...

yesss bagus husband yang ingat 1st gift kat wife... :)

hiyoshi said...

"Constructive critics and debates"

You'd have a helluva time with my dad. He's one of those people who just love debates.

And to echo crimsonskye, why is there no mention of your 4th world ranking warlord status? *chuckle*

Anonymous said...

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