Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ramadhan yang dinantikan

Sunset with a kayak in Tioman

Ketibaan Bulan Ramadan disambut dengan meriah sekali oleh umat Islam. Bulan yang dinanti-nanti ini tiba juga akhirnya. Ramadhan Al Mubarak, dengan penuh keberkatan, ketenangan dan kegembiraan. Menjelang maghrib di bulan Ramadhan dan menjelang Syawal adalah saat-saat yang ditunggu tunggukan.Soalnya mengapa?

1. Ia adalah bulan yang Umat Islam berpuasa dan ganjarannya ditentukan sendiri oleh Maha Pencipta.
2. Amalan dalam bulan ini digandakan.
3. Terdapat satu malam yang dinamakan malam Lailatul Qadr yang kelebihannya umpama 1000 malam beramal.
4. Bukanya pintu langit/syurga dan terbelengunya syaitan yang membawa kepada ketenangan.
5. Solat Tarawikh yang hanya boleh dilakukan di bulan Ramadhan.
6. Bulan yang turunnya Al Quran ke Baiyul Makmur dan kesempatan ini diambil untuk katam Quran untuk kesekian kalinya.
7. Kelunakan hati untuk bermaaf-maafan dan mengikat silaturahim sesama keluarga dan sahabat handai

8. Pasar Ramadhan, dan di sinilah terdapat pelbagai jenis makanan yang sedap-sedap termasuk yang tak pernah dijumpai
9. Berkenalan di pasar ramadhan atau di perhrntian bas kerana gadis dan teruna keluar beramai-ramai sebelum berbuka.
10. Jualan murah dan peluang untuk membeli belah. Cheap Sale!
11. Masakan biasanya lebih istimewa dari biasa. Kembung perut untuk 'cover' lapar siang.
12. Masa untuk peniaga kedai makanan siang bercuti 1 1/2 dan berihat sepenuhnya.
13. Raya selepas berpuasa. Boleh berpesta dan bersukaria.
14. Peluang nak dapatkan baju baru dan 'acessories'. Masa ini nak 'ketuk' parents or hubby/wife.
15. Duit raya, dah congak berapa akan dapat.
16. Jualan mercun dan bunga api 'black market'.
17. Masa untuk berihat dengan MC, sukar majikan nak persoal kerana masalah 'gastrik'.
18. Berpeluang mencari malam-malam 'special' untuk menghapus dosa kerana kejam dan zalim di bulan-bulan yang lain.
19. Boleh buat jamuan berbuka untuk bertemu pengundi dan penyokong tanpa dipersoal oleh jawatankuasa disiplin parti.
20. Biasanya boleh dapat sebahagian dari bonus tahunan. kalau tak dapat, boleh 'pressure' majikan.

Jadi, this most awaited month depends on Iman dan kesedaran sejauh mana kefahaman tentang Islam. We talk about fasting, the pahala but at the same time we indulge ourself in indirect calloboration with the syaitan because of swayed or unclear intentions and practice.

So watch our words, action and be focus.

Wallahu 'alam.


dr in the house said...

7 perkara yang baik dan 13 yang sebaliknya tentang cara kita menyambut Ramadhan. So this reinforces the saying that says the road to Jannah is much more difficult compared to Jahannam. Wallahualam bissawab!

pycnogenol said...

20 senarai mengapa Ramadhan dan Syawal adalah saat-saat yang ditunggu tunggukan, membawa senyuman dan rasa seronok dan gembira kepada saya. ;))

But when I come to the last two paragraphs of your entry, the curve on my lips suddenly reversed and drooped. :((

Thanks for the reminder. Really appreciate it.

P5 said...

good shot. think could have looked better if you'd taken it maybe 15 minutes earlier... then you'd catch "The Golden Moment" - the golden glow of the setting sun.

also notice the kayak is blurred. think your aperture was a bit too wide. however, its position right in the sun ray is beautiful.

Paul Moss said...

This pic? It`s very good. Composition great with the pelepah nyior and kayak making the image interesting. Placing the kayak at the left gives a rightward motion = direction. But I would prefer it it`s not too far left because placing an object at a side creates a certain mood. If in potrait, something like deep far thought. It gives direction. Too far left makes me think the kayak is moving towards somwhere far which would be better if the angle is a bit outward towards the horizon. However on either side of the kayak it`s too dark. Like a dark wall with no gradual darkening. So it doesn`t work too well there. But of course there may be a different explanation. Exposurewise, can be a bit lighter by 1 or 2 so that we can see a darkening process on the sides. Should have taken several frames at different intervals but of course the composition would have changed then.`s a very interesting image where ppl will stop to look longer.

dr in the house said...

Wow, to think that Paul Moss only knows how to comment on singing techniques only! So Paul, what camera do you use? D50 as well? One more thing, does Gee look as pretty as she is on TV? Roslan really as bad tempered as he appears to be??:))
and...and (ni ngajuk style Paul Moss cakap nih) really still think Aisyah is a good singer? Fan Club band still active??

Paul Moss said...

To your question there, I`m using a classic Premiere 200 triple layer. It`s a square type with a small hole, mirrors etc. The image is not so define so sharp like d50 but I think what makes an image interesting and people want to look again is the composition and the mood it projects along with the story. It should make people wander of the story, ask questions which may not even require any answers.
I wish not to comment on Gee. It can cause tremendous effect on my weather whatever my answer is. It`s just a question of from which direction.
Are you sure you are judging Roslan based on his appearance in MI and not from Sheila`s testimony?
You shouldn`t be too confident and not do your homework there.
As for Aishah, what u think matters depending on which Aishah you are talking about.
Why do people keep asking me about the FanClub? The answer is very simple...for as long as there`s this kind of weather in Malaysia, there will always be Fan Clubs. I dunno about the band, radio band, rubber band? You are not being specific. A terrible selection of questions. It`s like watching a kuiz program on a Russian Government TV.

kenakelayan said...

:) nice pieces there, ikelah. I guess every place has its own Ramadhan atmosphere. It's kinda sad if the things that u remember most about Ramadhan are the ones that bring u the least pahala/the most dosa. I do agree about the too much eating bit. We r completely missing the point of fasting if we gorge ourselves silly at night.

dr in the house said...

Paul, why do u sound so blur? Are you getting senile already? FanClub was your former Band remember? You were the drummer and Aisyah was the lead singer. 15-20yrs ago in New Zealand? Ada ingat?? tsk tsk

hiyoshi said...

"19. Boleh buat jamuan berbuka untuk bertemu pengundi dan penyokong tanpa dipersoal oleh jawatankuasa disiplin parti."

Got a ball of a laughter from this. But anyway, thanks for the reminder. Got me thinking for a while back there.

Ikelah said...

In this world, there are too many distractions. the beauty that God has granted us can be the strength to bring us nearer or away from Him. Humans are forgetful and need frequent remimindings. Even our great grandfather Nabi Adam crossed his limit by forgetting Allah's prohibition, not to take buah Khuldi.

The Al Quran and Sunnah were left to us by by our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw, to guide us through our daily life and for us to know our limits.

Friends, spouse, children, fammilies, house, car, work, sunrise or sunset or whatever God had created are gifts and as a test for us.

The photo for example is a distraction. It became a point of focus for those who love photography, adventurers, holiday goers etc. Its not wrong but just to prove a point in the entry.

Anyway for photographers, i agree that it was a bit off to the left, but by bringing the camera to the left there wont be any pelepah nyior. if i moved my body further right, i wont have any bangku to stabize myself(no tripod). the kayak was moving and slight blurring was due to slow shutter speed. the dark sea was to get a better sky color. i did not have a half density effect filter, or an SLR with a fast lens to get a sharp kayak image.

Berbukalah dengan penuh kesyukuran dan ketaqwaan.

Lastly,we pray to Allah to give us His guidance.

arifah aka afie911 said...

Great pic, good entry.

Pual Moss said...

Ooo it`s The Fan Club! The music band ! I thot you were talking about kipas back there. Sorry it must be the hypoglisemia.

crimsonskye said...

paul moss gave quite an assessment there ;) but for someone like me, any captures of the sun, sky, sea, clouds, pokok klapak and whatnots is enough to make me happy =)

my zaman bunga api seems so far away now...

inositol said...

I love the picture of Tioman and the very place itself.

Ikelah said...

Tioman with a number of good beaches namely tekek, salang, genting etc, is an attraction.
we stayed at genting, at a small resort operated by a tioman family.

anyway,i had been to tekek before with a group of youth for motivation programme. the environment was not as good as genting which was more peaceful and cleaner.

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