Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Short Entry: Genting Highlands Outing

Genting Outdoor Theme Park
(using Genting special filter and a polarizer)

I was not in the mood to take pictures in my last outing to Genting Highlands. It rained, overcast, not feeling myself etc. There were actualy a lot of action/views to be taken eventhough the clouds were heavy. The noon mist was excellent to creative photographers. However, here are a few pictures of our trip to share with the viewers.

The Misty Rollercoaster

Cowboys in making

Rock N' Roll Music!

Enjoyble Descend

Glued to his Gameboy


Swinging in Styles

Genting Skyway Sunset
(tiny sun near the trees -cable car descending/moving)

Gohtong Jaya Skyway Station


Izhal said...

new pictures aye Dr.Azmi... cuti sekolah outing, redang vacation syok laaaa...

swinging in style, enjoyable descend and the 1st picture are beautiful :)

abdullahjones said...

yup, antara pelanggan pertama disneyland johor nanti ni.

dr in the house said...


Kami tak pernah ke Genting Park sehingga ler hari tu. Itu pun kerana anak. Disneyland? Hmm..rasanya tak materialize. Kalau jadi pon, kami bukan antara yang menunggu! Pasti!

mynn said...

eh, diorang betul nak buat disneyland kat johor ke?? ke you guys are joking? wow ....

nice pictures as always. favourites are portraits of the kids' "enjoyable descend". i like that one as it (to me) doesnt seem posed & it's suitably dramatic. picture of the cable car made me utter "phoar!"

Paul Moss said...

Well well well...let`s see here. The Genting sunway sunset is very good. I can say it`s the best of all published in this entry.
Mynn liked the descend. That`s actually not bad at all because it`s simple compared the other images. It`s always difficult to create good composition in a theme park because it`s too full of attractions which may pose as distraction to the main subject which is why I say image 1 is not too badly composed also.
Hope we`ll be able to see some fiery Merapi images on the 16th June.

ifos said...

I like the sunset pic and the 1st pic =) good luck on your trip!

mynn said...

found this simple article on how to touch up skin using photoshop:

i just realised my laptop comes with photoshop elements. I was trying out photoshop last night, oooo WAY better than GIMP (tapi GIMP free .....)

hiyoshi said...

Oh wow...the sunset picture is just too good...

pycnogenol said...

Yes Hiyoshi, one of my sons love the sunset pic so much, he put that up as wallpaper on our computer.

Minta izin ye ikelah and jangan marah........

afie911 said...

Skyway sunset - superb!!!
And oh, I went to the Internatiool Islamic Fair the other day. There was this one booth, Global Peace if I'm not mistaken. They posted pictures of volunteers in Palestin, Afghanistan, etc. Guess what? One of them, is a picture of you, the one you posted on your blog awhile back. I said proudly (note: EXTREMELY proud) to my friend, "aku kenal Doctor tu, dia bapak kawan aku!". Sungguh bangge mengenali a prominent yet caring character such as you are Ikelah! =)

Ikelah said...

The one i like most is the sunset, descend and swinging.

cuti bawa budak yang dah berpuluh kali minta nak pergi genting. kebetulan saya diminta mengawasi rombongan hospital ke genting, maka saya bawa mereka sekali. ;)

mungkin jika budak-budak tu minta. it would be nice since kami tak pernah ke disneyland. ;)

so nak ke mana kita buk? Jogja lagi?

Nanti balik Malaysia ajak paul buat photo outing, minta dia beri talk on techniques on the field.

i like descend too, rasa hidup gambar tu.

I was lucky that i prepared mysalf at the small window of the cable car waiting for the moment.
i heard the phrase 'waiting for the moment' again when i was at Merapi said by a kompass photographer.

Thanks and i am back. InsyaAllah ypu'll pass with flying colours in your exam, abah doakan. Take care.

mynn again
Thanks, I have checked the site. elements is a simplified version on photoshop and its good.

Kalau u nak guna buat background or screensaver, silakan.

saya izinkan mas.

Thanks. congrats on your new blog.

yes. i represented Global Peace.

Anonymous said...

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