Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Redang Trip Part III: A Paradise of its own

Marching home
(Gambar senget, a technique)

This is my last entry of Pulau Redang with a few pictures I that like best.
There are two pictures of sunrise with the time difference of a few seconds. It was on the first morning where I placed myself(tummy on the rocks ;)) on the suitable slope that i found earlier the day before. The sun was up but shielded by heavy clouds over the horizon thus producing the golden yellow-reddish effect, 'crimson skye'. The colourful reflected colours from the sea with small waves was enchanting. Sunrise on the second day was not that spectacular. I settled for some silhouette shots with the tourists enjoying 'the sunrise'.

Sunrise at Pulau Redang

At the marine park, the water was crystal clear with the blue reflection from the sky. Snorkeling is a must for visitors who want to see the beautiful corals, fish and other underwater marine life. There were better places such as Pulau Tiga and Pulau Lima but our time was limited.

Snorkeling at the Marine Park

Follow the bait
(The guide helping out)

Under The Sea
(A shot from the jetty- using a polarizer)

By just walking along the beach either in the hot sun or under the shades, something will catch your eyes. With a camera in hand, you can share your little adventure with your family an d friends or you can just enjoy the magnificent sight with the cool breeze caressing your skin.

Going Kayaking? Anyone?

7 'S' - Sun, Sand, Shelter, Shade, Sea, Skin and Shoot.

Trying to cajole the girl- with the help of 3 musicians

Exhausted dad and his sleeping beauty

As for me who had never gone to see the 'extraordinary' beaches of the Caribbeans or the Mediterraneans, this place was indeed beautiful and worth visiting, my very own paradise.

Sunrise at Pulau Redang


Edited Trying to cajole the girl- with the help of 3 musicians by removing the 3 people at the back.


drroza said...

See the 3 hawaiian musicians without their heads? ikelah asked me to put my head so that he can snap the pic and put it here and I'll be the laughing stock! Glad I didnt yield in!

Tokki Andak said...

Paul Moss,

Awok jangan tak besorkan gambor tuh! Kalau awok tengok saiz kecik memang ler tak berape molek. Jangan ler maleh ngat. Bukan susoh nok kelik jek ke gambo tuh!

AKi ni yang buter IT pon tahu kalau nok komen gambor orang kene ler besorkan 'imej'.

kenakelayan said...

I love these pics! Favourites are Under the Sea, Cajoling the Girl (yes, even without DITH's head!) and Sunrise. Under the Sea reminds me of a Batik or Abtract Painting.

O-K, jomlah kita gi....

mama sarah said...

1. Ooo simpan the best for last ya?

2. You do like that dad and his sleeping beauty, eh? (In other words, I hope you are not stalking him!)

3. must go there too!

mynn said...

snap bie

i pun nak cakap "save the best for last" jugak tadi masa tengok gambar.

wow, suka gambar sunset... cantik.

ikelah ada bakat jadi paparazzi (macamana eja?) ni.


narafarah said...

yep, nice pics, n like KKL appajee, i fancy the Under the Sea shot ;)

erk, i dont think the 3 musicians r hawaians, r they?
if there's anything like skirt rambu-ramba or ropol-ropol ok lah juge...but those kain pelikats? :")

dr in the house said...

Farah- is that you?? I didnt note the pelikat. But they sure look more Hawwaian than malay to me! :P

Paul Moss said...

Yes, even without enlarging the pics, I can see these are comparatively your best works on Redang. The composition are more creative as seen in image 6,7,8,9. I wish you could put more weight on the kayak in image 6 by moving in closer. The 2nd sunrise image is better than the 1st but the lack of any glare on the water have flattened the image.
My favorite is image 8. Don`t you want to take out the other couple at the gift shop with a clone stamp? It`s distracting.

Ikelah said...

if your head were there, i am sure paul moss will suggest me to clone stamp you off for being another distraction.

tokki andak
setuju dengan tokki, kerana bila gamba kecik, ada details yang tak nampak terutama jika kad grafik tak upto date. ;)

jom pergi, kita tunggu musim tak hujan bila sky dia blue dan tak banyak clouds. jika tidak kecewalah photographers. hehehehe... I was lucky that on the day of arrval, i did not waste time resting because on the second and the third day, the clouds were heavy.

mama sarah

1. kena buat begitu... nanti boringlah yang lain kalau tunjuk the best dulu. Yang lain tu untuk bercerita saja.

2. dad and baby. like i had mentioned, when i saw them miles away. it immediately flashed into my mind of paul moss. paul will love this as he missed the cyclist at parambanan, jogja...and he hepled with the composing indirectly bay making the cyclist turn his head... hehehe.

BTW, I did not stalked him, it happened that the place I chose was the way to his room. :)

3. you must. Get mynn a dslr for his birthday :)

kena cari better lens nak jadi paparazzi. at least nikkor 100-400 VR. :)

yang i snap tu sunrise. ;) lebih kurang sunset je.

thanks. macam twins dengan kenakelayan je, sama cita rasa.

the musicians: 2 orang pakai guitar 'kapok', seorang pakai gendang macam saya beli di sabah and pakai kain pelikat macam nelayan.
so... dari mana ye??

hmmm... we have not see their faces yet.

paul moss
when i enlarged, the glare or glistering was there. have you checked your graphic card? I agred with the couple causing some distraction. i had cropped to get rid of a few more on the right. i m not good in using clone stamp in wide area. i have used it before to remove zits in potraits. ;)

Thanks for the comments. At Redang, there is something for everyone, pool, sea, shade, sun, games, internet(RM10/hr), snorkeling, scuba diving, jungle tracking, food and good rooms. Lets ask boogey to arrange a family trip, extended family, bloggers i mean somewhere next year perhaps. ;)

mynn said...

haha, rasa macam photoshop punya workshop pulak cakap pasal clone stamp (a tool i love using tapi like ikelah, im also not very good). in pictures on my blog, with the clone stamp tool ive removed whole patients from my pictures to maintain their confidentiality.

paul moss kena bagi tutorial photoshop for us to learn

Izhal said...

i guessed it right, u used a polarizer :) Im a scuker for the colortones in your last picture, the sunrise ar Pulau Redang... Didnt you wish you had an underwater housing??? or do you have one???

ifos said...

last pic of sunrise is breathtaking! The kayak pic- Funny, I had the same thought like paul moss. Hehe. Anyhow, all the pics are fantastic. Cantiknye Redang... balik nnt kite cuti kat situ eh... hehe.

hiyoshi said...

Is it possible to clone stamp out the couple without leaving so much of a difference in tone? I've tried using it before but the end result always looked kind of funny. Unnatural. Must be my low-end skills *sigh*

I wonder how the "Cajouling" picture look with DITH's head in it...

Ikelah said...

just got back from KL after 24 hrs shift and a short trip to genting. Went to kinokunia, walked straight to digital photography section and started reading about how to use the photoshop CS.
just tried the patch tool to remove, actually 3 persons distracting paul moss focus on 'trying to cajole the girl' pic. i'll post the 'corected' picture later.

i dont have. actually there is none for D50. As for D70, one can buy the housing roughly about RM500.

baru nak komen. bercuti di redang,insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki.

one must be very patient using the stamp. i had removed zits and blemeshes with it before.

with DITH head? paul moss will be screaming.

Paul Moss said...

Great job with the clone stamp. Turned into the best composition together with the father and baby image. Yes, it`s A wonderful tool I often use on my self potrait to take away the ageing signs in seconds. No need for bleaches, clearasils and expensive age defying what nots.
Using polarizer while taking sunrise or sunset will take away the glare which can add some highlights to the overall mid tone. I realised that when comparing the sunset images in Parangtritis taken with and without polarizer.

mynn said...

Nice GIMP .. err... photoshop job there. keeps the picture focused to the title.

neemo said...

Like seriously, ever thought of adopting another career? Hehe.

Izhal said...

that price for the housing... some people can pay their house rent with that...

Ikelah said...

thanks.... i have OK digicam book with me and i am doing some reading on touch up. maybe i'll do more with photoshop if time permits.

if national geographics wants to employ me, why not? hehehehe

expensive accessory, tapi kalau buat duit, why not? i mean for pro but not for me. i am somebody who is unbale to do sales or marketing.

i could still remember when we did housecalls." nak letak berapa yer consultation? RM20 tak banyak sangat? ok kut untuk duit minyak dan dan upah." here in kuatan the consultations varies with minimum RM50. guideline is up to RM100/RM150 depends on distant and time spent( usually notless than 1/2 hr termasuk travelling). <-- saja nak cerita bila tergerak hati.

pycnogenol said...

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!

Why do I get the feeling that I'll be using the above phrase many. many, many, many, many times at this site.

Thank you for sharing. Good Luck to you on your Jogja mission!!

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