Thursday, May 25, 2006

REDANG TRIP PART I: The Many Faces of Redang

Catching her breath
(Tired after snorkeling)

On my recent Redang trip, I had the opportunity to cross paths with many people and I can't help but make analysis on them. ( I am a thinker as drroza claims, :P). Many were pleasant and helpful, thus I am not losing hope on Malaysians being a polite nation, after all!

Photographer on the move
(On one of the many cliffs with his 55-200mm lens)

On reaching the Merang jetty, we were received by the travelling agent, (employed by Pfizer), called Jamie who made us feel at ease with her friendly gestures. As there were a number of us who arrived much earlier than scheduled, she made a considerate decision to arrange for an earlier ferry ride. The few doctors in this early group however were not that amicable though. I tried to make eye contacts but to no avail! Perhaps still tired from their long journey, I thought.

Ways to disembark
(Back from snorkeling trip)

On board, I chose to occupy the top-deck. Everyone else chose to take the bottom deck. Well, better that way, I thought, as I needed space to manuever when I take photo shots. Few minutes later, a guy (a spouse of another doctor) came up and started chatting with me. We exchanged info on our background and I felt better. At least someone was friendly, after all, :P

Walking with an intention
(Laguna Redang swimming pool and jacuzzi)

After 45 mins, we reached Laguna Redang Resort's jetty and we were greeted by friendly and polite staffs who made warm welcome gestures to us. Not to worry about our luggages we were told. All were taken care of. Up on a tram we went for short pleasant ride to the main grand block. On entering the main lobby, the sofas were all occupied by many guests who have checked out and waiting for the ferry-ride home. Most of them looked bushed and didnt offer us any smile. Oh well, I thought.

Enjoying the sunrise
(Second morning with heavy clouds)

Various ways to observe the sunrise
(Second morning wait)

Searching for gems
(Morning after sunrise)

Memorable pose
(Morning after sunrise)

Budding architect
(Late Evening at Pasir Panjang, Redang Island)

Baby and dad, lost and found search team
(Morning walk after sunrise)

I made several obseravations whilst I was there.From day one, I observed that the staffs were all well trained and executed their chores wth great earnest. Many of hotel employees were locals and I see that they are friendly and show good 'adab'. Many of the guests were either foreigners or local chinese. In fact the guests of other resorts were mainly chinese too and most of them were youngsters. This could be a new trend amongst them to go on big group vacations to such places. A trend still not caught by other races yet.

A ride to the jetty
(Bon Voyage)

This entry will concentrate on candid shots of people there. Study these pictures and you'll find that each of them tells it's own story. These are pictures of people vacationing on a beautiful Island, trying to savor every bit of pleasure they can, of
the transparent blue sea water, of the saltish sea air, of the easy-going atmosphere, of walking-on-the-beach on a moonlit night and most importantly of harvesting the treasures of the deep-blue sea!

A long shot of a serious discussion
(DITH, Dr. Hazelynn and Dato' Dr. Yeow)

You are welcome to make your own observations too (Paul Moss included! After that respite at Redang, I can face any harsh comments from him, hehe)

I would like to thank DITH for helping me with this entry.


easylady said...

I have attended many seminars and talks,yes there is always reservation among doctors to make the first move to initiate the talking especially if they think that u r the young doc.(the negative side of awet muda :(.) This syndrome happens maybe because the way we were thought and guide during our U and training days in M'sia..where boss will be boss and everybody tries to potray that they are better than others and tries to hide their weaknesses. Probably also because the way they work that make them acted like that where patient approach them and not the other way round.Could it also be because doc rarely socialize except among medical fraternity during seminars and talks.Unlike U,Ikelah has been meeting and socializing with all sorts of people(not as patient)in your capacity as MBM's top rank officer.They have many interesting ideas and stories to share with u and conversation can be very relaxing.

First picturetu Gun suk chin and hubby ke?

easylady said...

2nd pictu..tak seriau ka dok ambik gambaq kat tebing.. kot jatoh melalok kak roza..ha..ha..

Paul Moss said...

The sunlight is already too harsh, so I`ll just give some mild comments. The baby and dad image is the only composition I bother to enlarge. The subject and the boat is in a balanced position. No distractions of other objects and the light provide a suitable mood to the composition. A well told story.
The other images are not so bad but the story telling is unclear.
Image "budding architect" is an example of a badly composed image. Too many distraction to be cropped. Taken too wide and too high which makes me wonder where is your 200mm zoom. Memorable pose is well positioned but the subject is uninteresting. They`re all too plum. Redang is probably meant for docs and polite people.
Ways to disembark is good but I dunno. There seems to be something not right there but it`s still good. Probably need some cropping and enlargement.
I`ll give a credit to the 2nd image. With the feet there it provides the scale of height. Only that is the subject the cliff or the selipar jepun?

neemo said...

Wah berjalan lagi.. hehe! Nice pictures.. as usual :)

hiyoshi said...

It struck me as funny that in the picture "Memorable Pose", the two ladies should actually be posing for two pictures.

Then again, it might only be me.

Paul Moss seems to be in the mood for some constructive criticism!

pycnogenol said...

Just LOVE to see the crystal clear blue water. I remember having a wonderful splashing time in Tioman dulu.

Now, I really, REALLY must go to Redang. Tak panas sangat ke Ikelah?

kenakelayan said...

Those posing ladies look familiar to me..

*racks brains for file photos of schoolmates*

I just enjoy the photos. Very nice. My fave is the father and baby. :)

mynn said...

ditto my favourite is the father and baby as well but i didnt want to say it much earlier takut orang ingat my taste is poor.

mama sarah said...

hey hey hey, look who's talking?

why why why am I agreeing with Paul Moss?

Please (3x) Ikelah, don't get me wrong. I'm not even close as an amateur photographer, and if I was there, my photos would all be senget-benget and poorly composed.

"each of them tells it's own story" I've noted what you've said. To me, that's more important. A picture with a story.

I just couldn't help but to answer Paul Moss his last question. I think the subject is selipar jepun.

hehe, Paul Moss must have stayed in Malaya too long to know about Selipar Jepun, eh?

Ikelah said...

I was down with fever and some intestinal disturbances yesterday and had difficulty in concenrating and writing. I am better today, alhamdulilah.

its true pertaining to malays who are shy to make the first move and I am not free from that either. The senior-junior relationship among malaysian doctors was a nightmare to many and might be the cause for them to be a bit reserved.

I guess it was because of our upbringing. When we were small the words like,

"pergi main kat dalam, jangan kacau orang tua bercakap." or

"apa ni sampok orang tua bercakap." when we would like to cntribute our ideas.

Nowadays it is different. i encouraged and infact forced them to sit among us like a family, contribute ideas, get to know their parents friends.

First picture tu bukan dr Gun. ;) some unknown we saw on our first day at the beach.

easylady again
tak seriau setakat ini insyaAllah. I am used to climbing. kak roza stopped halfway sebab sakit kaki tak bawa the 'preciuos' selipar jepun. hahaha.

paul moss
How am i to recomment as even the basic practice to enlarged an image is a trouble to you. You cant give professional comments when looking at a tiny weeny image. It was reduced to 800X480++ for your evaluation or else 600X400 is more than enough for webpages. Dont be lazy.

Any way, generally i can agree with your comments. The pics i displayed was the people we met at the beaches with their morning activities with 'less flesh' to be shown. We have 'more flesh' pictures and 'less flesh pictures'.

As for 'budding architect', i agree that it was badly composed. no time to change lens. i saw them when i was a few metres away and suddenly came the lady doctors who stand there for a while.

As for 'memorable pose'. i guess these young nad hehehe plum girls are college students on holidays. there were a big number of them in big groups but later ended up as couples for the 'less plum' ones with lots of flesh to be bared.

As for the "baby and the dad", i spotted them miles away, grinning and immediately a flash of thought appeared, "paul moss's mouth will be dripped with saliva if he sees this. he will then grab my 200mm and positioned himself."

"ways to disembark", something is not right and i had tied various croppings and still cant 'correct' it. Maybe i should have kept it.

A good selipar jepun lah yang membantu panjat cliffs and rocks sebab tak licin bila kena air, jerangkang, bekelah etc. Thats the trick ramai orang tak tahu. mereka pakai boots, bila kena air licin dan berat. bila berkaki ayam, sakit pijak batu macam DITH. ;)

Alhamdulillah, this 5 months is full of traveling, unlike the previous yearS.

The girls had been moving with various pose/positions, chhek meeting cheek, 60's style, 70's style and the 21'st century giraffe pose.

I had gone to Tioman twice and i will say Redang is more beautiful.

Panas tu panas la especially for photographers who had to stay in the hot sun. Mandi peluh, dan kalau paul moss, peluh dia sure macam air terjun but the cooling breeze was there. In the shade tak panas, in fact i'll say it was just right.

ha'ah... budak kolej dan universiti bercuti dan datang in groups. Ada juga office trip , families, travel packages, foreigners and companies.

Harap, boogey dapat quotation murah ke laguna redang.

me too... i like the baby and dad together on early morning stroll at the beach. paul moss will be dying to have a shot at it. ;)

Ikelah said...

mama sarah

okey la... "my precious selipar jepun"

after they disbanded 'the fan club' with aisyah as the singer (correct me if i am wrong. tak tau sangat music world), paul moss migrated to malaysia. befor that he stayed in turkey for a while.

next entry i nak masukkan gambar senget I.... hehehe... hampir semua orang ambil gambar senget benget. ;)

Paul Moss said...

Yes, the baby and dad image is one that I might race for to get a good shot. That scene will attract my attention. When photographs are shown to me, I will give a fast glance. Sometimes very fast and I can finish a huge photo album in about 30 seconds. When in a good mood and I feel like being polite, I`ll hurt myself by spending an extra 30 seconds to look longer. But if an image catch my attention, I might spend a few minutes just on that particular one trying to figure out how and when I can get a shot like that. I`m not just being lazy, I am in fact a very lazy person and my favorite poem is about an invitation to sloth, my favorite animal is also sloth.
It takes a lot of noise to wake me and a very good image to make me click the enlarge button. If the composition attracts my attention, then only it makes me want to know more.

mynn said...

i so agree that our relationship with seniors are not smooth going probably because as kids, we are taught not to "kacau orang tua cakap".

in the UK, senior-juniors are practically the same (apart from knowledge only). in terms of friendship - consultant pun kadang2 macam kawan je.

however, i've ALWAYS find it difficult to make even the friendly consultants "macam kawan" and i blame it on the teaching i mentioned above. i find myself consciously having to un-learn it to communicate better with my seniors!

easylady said...

I think the caption 4 the 2nd pic should be change to juggling with enthusiasm and danger.
cer tengok bahayatu ambik gambar kat tepi tebing. THe selipar jepun kena include sebab tu yang tunjuk berani tak beraninya Ikelah. I am not a photographer, tapi rasanya nak compose yourself, maintain your stability kat tebing dengan ketinggian gitu.. nak tundukkan kepala, adjust focus, snap the picture..oiii susah oiii...Kalau TJ nak buat gitu I kata anak u ada berapa org kat rumah...he..he..I think we should give a credit to Ikelah..

Ikelah said...

paul moss
got to learn to be more calm and patient. You can sloth but please dont wiggle. ;)

senang je nak unlearn. jumpa Has the Psy and minta dia buat ECT. hehehehe.

itu pasal kena pakai selipar jepun yang baik... good grip. i still keep the complimentary zinnat slipar jepun thet was given to me in 1989 with excellent grips even on wet terrains.

an excellent tajuk to be suggested tapi ada yang nak selipar jepun tu jugak. ;) thanks.

P5 said...

hmm.. what was the intention of the walker.. or the intention of the photographer? i cant figure out which is the actual subject... ahahaha...

Izhal said...

th water is really blue... crystal clear...

doctor Ikelah, 3rd picture is very good... i dont know what youwere standing on, but id try to shoot to get at least one whole vessel in the picture :)

Paul Moss said...

I think i`ve figured out what`s wrong with the 3rd image. It`s got too many things inside. From what I see, the main subject is the guy jumping into the water at least that caught my attention first. Probably cropping from where the chick in white preparing to jump towards the front of the second boat would create a better composition. This way you can get rid of many distracting elements not contributing to the subject.

Anonymous said...

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