Tuesday, May 30, 2006

REDANG TRIP PART II: Vacation at Redang Island

View from the marine park jetty

Redang is definitely a beautiful place to have a vacation. What is so interesting about Redang. What has it to offer. Which place should I go and how do I plan my stay. What sort of vacation should I have.

Laguna Redang Resort

There are various types of resort at Redang, from a 5 star Berjaya Redang and Laguna Redang to a no star wooden chalets on a quiet beach. Most of these resorts offer packages which include the transfer fares, rooms for the night, meals and snorkeling trips. For those who want to be pampered with confortable rooms, large variety of western and local meals, a fresh water pool with a jacuzzi, recreation centre with a number of games and sports to choose from, a la carte menu, go and get the 5 star resort.

Beach at Laguna Redang

The adjacent cove

For those who can settle with decent rooms for the night, stay outdoor most of the time, satisfied with simple meals to save the extra for other recreational activities, the no star resorts offer cheaper rates (a difference of RM80-150 per person compaired to Laguna Redang). Surcharges will be imposed on public and school holidays.... ha ha ha vampires!

Sunrise at Laguna Redang
(Facing the open South China Sea)

The sand is clean white, soft, cool even on a hot day. The shore at Laguna Redang was free from litters. I found cans, glass, plastics and concrete blocks washed ashore on the othe three other coves. It was minimal but irritating enough to know that there are still irresponsible visitors or construction worker spoiling the beauty of Redang.

Boats at Laguna Redang Jetty
(south east cove)

A Jetty at another cove

At Laguna Redang Beach
(different operator)

Ships the Laguna Redang Beach
(other operator)

Here are pictures of activities occuring along the beach at Laguna Redang and its adjacent cove. For more information, just visit their homepage.

Morning Stroll with Dad


easylady said...

Ada selidik tak?beraparegenya semalam bilik yg pfizer sponsor kat uol? Ada tak kampung dekat -dekat situ boleh menebeng kat gerai makanan or grocery store..
Laguna ni hampir dgn berjaya resort ke?

Paul Moss said...

Very good composition suitable for brochure is the 2nd image. 6th image should have used wider at 17mm perhaps. Last image is unbalanced. Improvement can be done by cropping off the empty area on the left.
I noticed that you have a problem squatting or lying on the sand. All you images look like you are shooting from a standing position. Is you belly getting in the way?

Ikelah said...

bilik pfizer tu, tak tau la... sebab dia package dengan conference room and additional lunch.
laguna redang ni jauh sikit dari kampung berdekatan. berjaya resort yang terletak di sebelah barat pulau berdekatan dengan kampung melayu.
warung atau store yang tiada kaitan dengan resort tak ada baik di cove laguna resort maupun 3 lagi coves berdekatan yang saya tinjau.

sebenarnya, makanan yang resort sediakan sudah mencukupi. Apa yang perlu ialah, bawa sedikit biskut, a fe bungkus magi kalau mahu dan yang paling penting soft drink.

paul moss
the second picture is one of my favourites. i was not sure to place on this or my last entry on redang. i decided to place it here to have 2-3 good pictures on this posting. i did not crop it because i wanted to add the sense of direction as dad was looking far ahead.

As for my positioning, i have no problem with my tummy. 3 of the pictures were taken while sitting to stabilize myself for zooming far at 200mm. afew using trees including dad and the baby. i didnt lie on the sand because it did not require me to do so and in fact the sand 'dunes' will block my view. the pictures of sunrise that i am going to post tomorrow need good arms. i was on a hill lying flat to replace the tripod that i did not bring.

Image 6th was taken at 18mm. i think what you have meant is the 12mm(12mmx1.5= 18mm focal length)lens. Nikkor 12-24 mm costs about RM3,200. ;) more expensive than your D50 body! thanks.

Mat Paladin said...

Laguna redang package for Sunday till Thursday is RM 360 per person in standard room for 3 days/2nights. Additional nights full board is rm 170 per person.
Weekends surcharge per night is RM30 per person. Cuti sekolah and public hols additional RM 60.
Package inclusive : 2 nights stay, 2 breakfast, 2 buffet Lunch, 1 buffet dinner, 1 BBQ dinner, 2 free snorkeling, 1 marine park, 2 way boat transfer from Merang.

Mama Sarah said...

It's always an eyesore to see litters around. Kdg2 malu nak recommend to friends utk visit malaysia kerana kekotoran.

tapi london dan coventry pun kotor jugak.

p/s: sedapkah teh tarik di pulau redang?

kenakelayan said...

Per person???? Waduhh.. I thought only UK uses the per person rule, in KL at least they still go by per room (well at least at the places I stayed at).

Mama Sarah

All the people I met who visited Malaysia loved it, they didn't say anything about the kekotoran. But then again they mainly visited KL and Penang.

Ikelah said...

mat paladin
siapa pula gerangan tuan hamba. thanks for the info.

mama sarah
i kalau nampak litters lying ok lagi. i tak tahan yang makan sambil berjalan dan terus buang sampah di jalanan or from the car.

hehehe... teh tarik dia okey koot. tapi on the first day we went to the warung which was supposed to open at 5.00 pm kate "air belum panas lagi, nanti jam 5.30." so the next day we went past 5.30 pm to drink kopi o, not teh tarik hehehe.

di island saja per person because the package includes ferry fare and the meals. andaikata u choose to share with more people in a room, the rate will be lower.

gi lah bulan madu di pulau kecik pulak. ;)

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe yes that is precisely what I have in mind. Nak scout for possibilties. Our honeymoon was spent with Mama Sarah and Mynn actually. Inai masa tu masih merah kat jari :) I had a great time.

easylady said...

keh..keh..makanan memang cukup tapi takut fulus tak cukup..ha..ha

Tq MAt Paladin 4 the info..U ni dari tour company mana?

Ikelah said...

bagus tu.... kalau nak secluded place.... away from mynn and mama sarah, but not from us the photographer, porter, waiting lady, guide.... and you like corals and like to dive, scuba or snorkeling... try pulau lang tengah... 15-30 min drom the main redang island.

resorts di situ juta bintang, bukan 4-5 stars. just visit their web site... not that expensive. untuk mr specky, enquire weather they have the goggles with optical corrections.


kena rancang menabung sekarang...projek redang.

mat paladin ni dari mitra travels, agaknya. mintak diskaunlah kalau ambil pakej dia.

Mat Paladin said...

Saya dari Have camera will travel punya kompeni.

mynn said...


apalah kkl

bila pulak you all spend honeymoon dengan kitorang??? tak ingat pun, kat mana??? [[ don't tell me kat london tu you all panggil honeymoon, if so, kena honeymoon sekali lagi lah KKL ]]

kelakar lah korang, macam mama sarah & myself stalker pulak ...

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