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Jogja Trip Part III: Land of One Thousand Memories

Gunung Sumbing is an inactive volcano that can be seen from Borobudur.

On our first day after we had landed in Solo, we went straight to Jogja and checked in. After a short rest we went for a city tour. The places we visited were The Keraton, Pasar burung and Pasar Batik. Pasar Batik is at a place called Malioboro, a shopping area. You can choose to ride a 'beca' or a 'kereta kuda' if you are interested in ala Jogja city tour.

A clean street in Jogja. The white building is the Pos Office.

Later in the evening we left for Parangtritis to view the sunset from a cliff.


Local legend claimed that Parangtritis Beach is the location of the palace of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, the ruler of the Southern Ocean invisible world. Parangtritis beach is one of tourist attraction offering a beautiful sunset, Langse cave and other interesting sites.

Sunset at Parangtritis. The ray started to shine on the clouds.

Gumbirowati Highland

This is the place where we get the pleasure of viewing the Parangtritis sunset.

The Langse Cave
The Langse cave is located on the foot of Parangtritis slope. It is a known place for meditation . According to legend, the Langse cave is Kanjeng Ratu Kidul's cave where Mataram's kings often visit. It was also said the opening of the cave will be covered by water during high tide thus preventing entry or exit at that particular time.

On the next day we went to Ketep Pass to see the peak or lava dome of Gunung Merapi. On the way, we had a short stop to view Candi Prambanan, Candi Seribu and a few other lesser candi.

Candi Prambanan and Candi Seribu

Prambanan is a beautiful region. In ancient time, it was capital of a Kingdom known as "Kraton Boko". Candi Prambanan is a hindu temple and there are 237 big and small temples in it. On certain nights they have plays of 'Ramayana and Mahabbrata'.

Candi Prambanan view from afar.

Not far from Candi Prambanan complex is a smaller candi called candi seribu or candi Larajonggrang. It was said that a creature with supernatural power wanted to marry a princess and a condition was given to him that he had to buiid a temple with 1000 figurines in one night.

Candi Seribu an interesting sight always.
(I used the wrong lens;55-200mm, there was no time to change to18-55mm)

Gunung Merapi

Gunung Merapi is located to the north of Jogja and has been erupting for 10,000 years. Its one of the most active volcano and has more pyroclastic flow than any other volcano in the world.
The word Merapi comes from a Javanese word Meru means mountain and Api means Fire.
Gunung merapi stands 2920 metres with it peak known as Puncak Garuda.

We stayed at Manohara Hotel on the second night which is in the same compound with the Borobudur.

Candi Mendut and Borobudur

Candi Mendut is 3 kilometres eastward from Borobudur. It was built in 824 AD during the Cailendra Dynasty. There are 3 big statues inside.

A farmer and the egrets
(a view from Manohara Hotel)

Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist temple of the world and one of the best-preserved ancient monument.

Borobudur: Early morning mist

The meaning of Borobudur remains vague. It is a compound of words Bara and Budur. Bara from Sanskrit has a meaning of complex of the temples. While Budur reminds us the Balinese word Beduhur, which means above. Accordingly, Borobudur means monastery on the hill.

Borobudur: Ready, smile, click.

I could still remember an advice from an article to share. "Get up early and stay out late, thats when you will find the best subject to shoot at".


On the third day, we left Jogja for Solo via Kotagede. Kota Gede was the capital of The Mataram Kingdom. Kotagede had being a capital city of Mataram until 1640. Later the third king of Mataram, Sultan Agung moved the capital to Desa Kerto, Plered-Bantul. A few relics and important buildings of early Mataram that can be seen are the cemetery of Prince Senopati's clan, piece of wall and foundation of one of pendopo (the front room of the palace) and Sendang Selirang(a pool where the royal family bathed). All are located in the compound of Masjid Agung Kotagede.

Masjid Agung Mataram: After the Friday prayer


Solo is a short name for Surakarta. Bengawan Solo is the longest river in Java Island has its source at Gunung Lawu. Gunung Lawu in Solo is an inactive volcano. I guess many of us still remember the keroncong song "Bengawan Solo". At Solo, we went shopping at the Pasar and the mall. We flew back to KL on the next day.

At Jogja, there were lot of happenings dated long before Malacca. Jogja is rich with history. Their civilization is far earlier than the people in the Malay Peninsular. Their literacy may be less than ours but their culture, their mind and their spirit are far stronger than most of us. We can actually learn a lot from them. We may be a better peson if we do not look down on the Indonesians. Wallahu 'alam.

My travelling companions.


mynn said...

masya allah.

I think these pictures are the absolute BEST you've taken yet. seriously

oooo, tu rupa paul moss. hehehe, always been curious. ingatkan kulit putih:p

mynn said...

i wanted to pick a favourite tapi susah. patutlah sampai berejam ambik gambar! huu rasa nk travel jugak!!

not a pro-photographer said...

1. Your photo of Gunung Sumbing looks floating! Dasyat!

2. How to pronounce Parangtritis? (When I first read it in DiTH's blog, I thought it was a medical term!)

Para as in Paragraph?
tritis = trytis?

3. Candi Seribu - you said you used the wrong lens. To me the photo is just amazing.

4.the bangau beratur pun cantik. Nice kalau dapat close up tu!

5. silhouette borobudur pun nice.

P5 said...


kenakelayan said...


Dulu Paul Moss-Turkish-incarnate memang putih. Laa ni kena matahari terik kat Mesia dah 'tanned'.


dr in the house said...

Nisak- Parangtritis is pronounced as it is (follow the sound, Malay way). Medically it denotes, an inflammation of the hands due to hours of using a parang, no just pulling your legs!

Mynn- Paul Moss ni sebenornya putih tapi bila ambik gambar, color skin dia terus gelap, macam photo-reaction gitu, hehe

KKL- I notice, sekarang org ramai suka ketawa huhuhu, wonder how it sounds, :)) (macam bunyi orang nangis jek)

pycnogenol said...

DrRoza - Kita yang generasi lama ni masih kekal ketawa 'Hahahaha'.

Yang ketawa'huhuhuhu' tu, ketawa generasi baru, yang ketawa sambil tercari-cari sebab mengapa dia ketawa in the first place, dan bunyi nya: "Who-who-who-who-who"?????

So, the genuine laugh would still be 'hahahaha' when you know the reason why you are laughing, in the first place. ;))

pycnogenol said...

And I agree with Izhal that "Sunset at Parangtritis" is the BEST. Tak sia-sia Ikelah menang 'the spot for the best shot'

I guess if we leave it to DrRoza to give the title to the pic, she would have it as: "Sunset from the perspective of someone suffering from inflammation of the hands due to hours of using the parang"

Now, do I say 'hahahaha' or 'huhuhuhuhu???? Haiyya...mahu ketawa pun, manyak susah lor...!!!

Bea said...

My interpretation of 'huhuhuhu' would be: It's the new generation kind of laugh alright,leaving the older generation crying 'huhuhuhu' too.

So when they laugh DrRoza, that would be bad news for us !!! huhuhuhu....:(

Izhal said...

chandi seribu picture where u didnt have time to change the lens... I like it, composition tip top... you got the guy with the chicken basket looking at the subject...

Azahar said...

Dr Azmi, maaf kerana menyelitkan blog Dr dalam kolum saya di akhbar Harian Metro- Nanika Atta Nippon - sewaktu bertugas di Jepun baru-baru ini. Saya tidak bermaksud yg tidak baik, cuma saya berharap punya kebolehan merakamkan panorama indah sebaik Dr.Sekali lagi maafkan saya jika mendedahkan identiti blog Dr.

Ikelah said...

thanks. i save my best for the last.
paul memang cerah, tapi got tanned.

mynn again
its nice to have a partner sewaktu photo outing. ;)

not a pro photographer
thanks NAPP

with a 18-55 lens, it would be sharper, better contrast, faster, nearer to the subject and i can squeeze in more of the wheel and top part of the chandi.
I saw the pakcik cycling my way. i ran into the lawn of a nearby house to get the distance, almost to the steps (due to the lens). i quickly pre focus, taking the road as the refering point and wait. You want to know why the pakcik turn his face towards the candi which on other day is the same non interesting view? thanks a million to paul moss. the pakcik was wondering why this photographer find the candi interesting to be photographed and he did not even notice me waiting for the right moment on his far left! :) thanks again paul. he would not turn if it was not for you.


setuju dengan hakikat tersebut.

thanks for the explaination

whowhowho.... thats interesting. laugh of ever curious scientist

pycno again
actually tak sesia kami travel lebih dari 1 jam dan waited patiently for the light to change. Allah dah suruh kita tunggu, lihat dan buat penilaian atas keindahan yang Allah pamerkan kepada kita agar dapat merasakan KebesaranNya.

We did not fight actually, but each of us got our own favourite spot. Paul wanted to try my cliff side spot which can include the coconut tree during composition.

ic... dont ever let the kids laugh ;) hohoho

i love it more than the susnset actually. with people in it, there is life to the picture.

Tak perlu minta maaf. Saya sepatutnya berterimakasih atas pandangan saudara yang berpendapat ada keistimewaan pada fotografi saya. Menyebutnya dalam kolum saudara seolah-olah meletakkan hasil saya di tempat istimewa. terimakasih banyak banyak azhar.

Azahar said...

Tkasih atas budi baik & keterbukaan dr.Saya hanya boleh menulis tetapi tidak berbakat dalam fotografi.Telah banyak negara saya lawati kerana tugas cuma hanya boleh melihat keindahan bumi Allah swt.Gambar2 yg saya ambil banyak yg kabur, terlalu mengecewakan.
Ikhlas, pic yg dr ambil tajam, hidup & ada subjectnya.Saya kagum.
Salam perkenalan dari saya.

hemu2 said...

got here from dr roza's blog and your pics are simply breathtaking sir. you two make a good team, one brings out the vibrancy of any scene, and one an excellent story teller.

Paul Moss said...

I don`t have much to say. Photo no 5 have a great composition with my help dammit. Never mind I`m glad to have contributed. The farmer and the egret thing is an example of a superb composition. You really need a better long zoom.
The last photo is superb, the subject on the right is collosal. You got the wow factor there.
I`ll tell you one thing. Composition wise you`re already there. You just need some better lenses and improve on the post production.

Izhal said...

no pictures of food ka??? kalau ada please consider posting ;)

Ikelah said...

Setiap insan ada minat dan kebolehan yang tersendiri. setengah kebolehan perlu dijumpai, sebahagian perlu diasah and ada yang perlu diberi peluang. bagi setengah gambar yang kabur, pilihan kamera penting bergantung kepada keperluan dan kebolehan. selamat berkenalan.



paul moss

last photo, real huge collosal that will 'increase trade'. where should i get better lenses hah?


ada 1 or 2, actually yak focus untuk ambil food. such assignment perlu macro lenses yang saya tak ada. ia juga perlukan goo lighting or at least external flash yang saj juga tak ada. :(

so kurang berminat nak ambil dalam keadaan lighting yang kurang baik sewaktu di sana. tambahan kalau ambil, paul moss kate "lazy composition", tak guna reflectorlah, tak pakai tripod lah.... hahaha... ;)

Izhal said...

alah, biaq pi depa nak kata apa, janji Dr. ada kenangna makanan... ada kan tapi saja tak post ye...

azahar said...

Ketika dr berada di Jogja, inilah kolum saya pada edisi Harian Metro 3 Mei 2006 ketika di Sendai & Tokyo.
Maaf mengambil space yg banyak.


BEGITU cepatnya masa berlalu, sepantas cuaca berangin di Sendai berubah kepada hujan renyai-renyai di Bandaraya Metropolitan Tokyo ini.
Terasa baru semalam di Sendai dan selang dua jam, tup... tup saya sudah terpacak di kota batu ini.
Saya kurang selesa dengan suasana begini kerana segala-galanya agak bertentangan. Sendai dan Tokyo jelas dua bandar berlainan baik penghuninya, suasananya dan cuacanya.
Ke mana hilangnya kelembutan dan tingginya rasa hormat orang-orang Tokyo ini berbanding masyarakat Sendai.
Saya belum nampak persamaannya lagi tetapi jelas kedatangan saya di sini bermula dengan langkah kiri.
Dalam kegembiraan untuk merasai kehebatan Tohoku Shinkansen ‘Bullet Train’ Jepun, saya menjadi mangsa kelajuannya.
Saya terlepas jadual perjalanan jam 8.50 pagi hanya gara-gara terlewat beberapa saat mengejar gerabak pertama di hadapan yang dikhaskan untuk tempahan.
Dalam keadaan serba serbi berat, mengheret beg besar dan beg sandang, tidak termasuk membawa beban badan yang bertambah dek beras pulut Jepun, sukar untuk saya mengejar pintu gerabak terakhir di depan.
Hanya beberapa langkah untuk sampai, pintunya tiba-tiba tertutup. Mana mungkin saya mampu mengejar kereta api yang mempunyai kelajuan 443kmj itu. Putih mata saya melihat ia terus meluncur pergi.
Saya melepaskan beg yang dijinjing, membongkokkan badan menahan lelah.
Mujur tiket yang berharga hampir RM400 tak hangus begitu saja. Saya berjaya mendapatkan kereta api jam 9.15 pagi yang berhenti di lapan stesen antara laluan Sendai - Fukushima - Tokyo.
Hati yang panas akhirnya kembali sejuk. Perjalanan dua jam 40 minit dengan panorama desa melintasi sawah padi, membelah rimbunan hutan berdaun merah, kuning, hijau muda dan pekat cukup menyegarkan mata.
Sungai yang mengalir lesu dan jaluran denai mencelah disebalik bukit, melengkapkan pesona mata.
Inilah cantiknya negara yang bermusim empat. Semua ini mendekatkan saya kepada keagungan Ilahi. Jika saya dapat merakamkan panorama itu, alangkah bagusnya. Namun saya tidak seperti seorang doktor di Kuantan yang bukan saja memiliki sepasang tangan emas merawat pesakit, cekap pula jarinya menggunakan kamera.
Saya hanya kenali doktor ini dengan panggilan Ikelah menerusi blognya. Gambar-gambar yang dirakam hidup dan cantik. Tajam pengamatannya.
Namun dari tempat saya berdiri, pandangan jendela kaca hotel 25 tingkat di tengah-tengah kawasan sibuk Shinjuku ini, cukup hambar. Hanya hutan batu. Tiada lagi bunga Sakura yang melambai-lambai ditiup angin.
Sukan Harian Metro
3 Mei 2006

kenakelayan said...

:D columnnye pun dah ada kat sini! Way to go!

DrRoza, Pycno and Bea

:) Actually the huhuhu was in response to P5's hehehe laugh. It can be anything, crying pun boleh, hooting owl pun boleh, hooting wolf whistle pun boleh, who?who?who? pun boleh. Kiranya a piece of abstract art up to the interpretation of the discerning reader.
Do I sound young now? :D I am afraid I do belong to the generation of people who think hehehe is a laugh, hihihi is a sengih kerang busuk, and huhuhu is neither here nor there. Too set in my ways alreadylah.

(Huhuhu pun boleh jadik tajuk thesis... hmmm)

Mynn said...

do you photoshop your pictures before posting? if yes, what do you use photoshop for?

dr in the house said...


Jangan jadikan huhuhu sebagai tajuk thesis! Punah! :))

*masih musykil kenapa Pang5 komen hehehe tu*

dr in the house said...

Azhar- kami dah dapat copy colum saudara tu dan dah photosat dah. Tinggal nak tunggu frame jek! hehe

Paul Moss said...

Dear All,
A great composition is a scene with great light, great subject and can be improved to produce some great image with an inclusion of some objects which may add some attraction for the subject. When the additional or supplementary objects can be included but were not, it`s called a lazy composition.
On the other hand, when the subject itself can be captured but were not because its all eaten up by the xtreme photographer, we call that something else. I was too dumbfounded to think of a proper term to describe that.
So contrary to what Ikelah claimed, that`s the sole reason for the absense of food photographs.

Tokki Andak said...

Paul Moss,

This is Tokki Andak speaking. I am the asking what is that you mean when you say that you are found dumb when you see the extreme photographer eat all the subjects or objects?

You are saying that the extreme photographer is a cannibal? No? He now become orang Batak? Only 4 days in Jawa and he already eat people? Wah...I am also the very found dumb one!

Ikelah said...

ada tapi tak banyak dan proper. no individual dish.

seperti yang di sebut oleh DITH, sama mendapat pesan dari sdr kalid dalam tag board lalu saya mencari artikel tersebut dari rakan setugas saya.
terima kasih kerana saudara menghantar salinan tersebut untuk tatapan saya. tulisan saudara memang menarik dengan susun kata yang kemas. saya sememangnya tidak pandai menulis. ;)

bila balik?

yea... i use photoshop for editing. no special or formal training. just try n error. this is because, i set my camera on raw and no enhancement or special correction by the camera. it needs editing. i usually correct the sharpness, level for the contrast and brightness, then resize it. not much editing. to be able to edit, the image must be good in all aspect, if not, correction and hancement wont work. it will just improve slightly. it will start breaking at 100% if poor image. for good sharp image, even at 200%, it is still good.

tanyalah p5.

DITH again
juru bicara ummat

'can be included' is subjective. each photographer has their own style and preferences in composing. no doubt, the basic of photography guides gives an excellent idea of how to take good pictures. As said by many photographer, rules of photography are meant to be broken to take extraordinarily great picture.

As i mention earlier, lighting is important in taking macro. As for the extreame photographers and the extreame travellers, late meals were too much and i did not want to take the risk of be glared at or 'perli' if further delaying their need to fill the grumbling stomach.

tokki andak
We did not find any cannibals in jogja. i dont think the batak still eat human flesh. may be we did eat digested after the tsunami catastrophe by eating catches from selat melaka.


WIll be away for 3 days. Attending conference at Laguna Redang tomorrow. Thanks for the comments and support.

kenakelayan said...

balik bila dah boleh balik :D

hehehe I actually meant to write huhuhu boleh jadi 'subjek' of a thesis.

*wonders what happened to my proficiency*

crimsonskye said...

:D I've never saw it that way- haha being the laugh of older generation and the huhu being of the younger one. To be honest I actually thought that haha is the laugh for really funny/ridiculous/witty stuff, being the genuine reasons for laughing.

huhu- I thought it's more like the word many people use because they want to convey they're embarassed/ not comfortable of saying something/ want to laugh but felt it's not 'proper' to do so/ disappointed/ being accepting etc things along these lines. Nothing to connote laughing, IMO.

Other laughing words-
hehe: more 'polite' way of laughing I guess.. hehe!

muahahaha: gelak jahat or as my friends call it, gelak setan.

wakakaka, ekekeke: haha.. those words alone can make me laugh.

(wait, what I'm doing here talking about hahas and huhus??)

I simply love your first and third pic, no contest there. But I think it's just because I'm a sucker for the sun-sky-sea-mountains type of photos anyway.

The farmer pic is lovely too, with him toiling away on the land. And the row white birds watching their friends flying away across the fields. What's egrets btw?

The sunray on the cloud looks like a light from a giant torchlight or something.

azahar said...

dr azmi & salam dr rozza,
kolum saya sebenarnya satu catatan perjalanan.hanya bacaan ringan.
jika dr mahu saya boleh postkan keratan asal. emailkan address dr kepada saya -

hiyoshi said...

Looks like people are either commenting on the pictures or the laughs.

I thought crimsonskye summed up the types of laughter very nicely. I agree that huhuhu is the type of laughter you use to give the impression that you've made a silly mistake and want to laugh it off.

At the end of the day, when we laugh in audio, we still make those silly noises which can hardly put into words, whatmore classified *chortle*

p.s. just a note. Chortle is actually a blend of the words "chuckle" and "snort". It was first coined by Lewis Caroll in his book Through The Looking Glass.

pycnogenol said...

Hiyoshi - So, chortle is the 'piggy-kind' of laughter, eh??

Dont chortle too much then, mate....especially when you come visiting us.
I dont want my youngest son to call you BP.

kenakelayan said...

British Petroleum?
Blood Pressure?
Balik Pulau?

Hiyoshi is coming to visit you? When?

Pycnogenol said...

Unfortunately Kenakelayan, it's none of the above. BP doesnt even stand for Lord Baden-Powell.

In our house, if anyone makes snorting sound, my youngest son will call him/her, BIG PIG!!

Entah lah, Hiyoshi, when are you coming to visit us?? And the question applies to you too KKL.

Ikelah said...


nampak macam lambat lagi je nak balik. why not buat thesis on immunological on the connective tissue diseases. kan test sekarang kurang specifik. ;) hu hu hu lagilah lambat balik.

boleh laugh, tapi macam Nabi kata, jangan berlebihan dan lebih dari nampak gigi. banyak rationalitynya. kalau ketawa kut sangat, kurang pulak blood flow ke brain, sakit kepala atau terencat idea berfikir. kalau nganga luas sangat boleh pulak dapat dislocation of TM joint. maka kena lah terus ketawa kerana mulut dah tak mau tutup. terus saja ternganga. kena pulak reduce the dislocation kat klinik atau hospital atau bomoh patah. so dengar cakap Nabi. :)

tak hairan u suka 1st and third. ada crimson, ada sky.. :) nanti kita letak gambar crimson-sky lain.

egrets tu macam bangau juga, makan ikan, kaki panjang. orang kampung panggil burung ayam ayam. sun ray tu macam giant spotlight due to breks between the clouds.

thanks. saya dah dapat fotokopi tu. anyway my email is

jangan ketawa kuat sangat. tak sunnah. :)

tak visit lagi? invitation dah banyak kali ni.

kenakelayan again
Sedara kita ada yang digelar BP.
Ur favourite cousin.

pycno again
You have your own 'BP'.

hiyoshi....invitation lagi.

Mynn said...

ikelah, regarding photoshop.
ooo, i could see the sharpened effect but mama sarah and i thought you were mixing and matching foregrounds and backgrounds (ie depan gambar lain, belakang gambar lain). jadi the pictures are 100% tulin lah. WOW ... i have greater appreciation of your pictures.

btw kelakar lah gelak sampai boleh dislocate temporo-mandibular joint!

kenakelayan said...


InsyaAllah when I return for good me and O-K will be dropping by. You and Bea and the rest of the family must also come visit us in Kuantan too, especially after we move to our new home. :) Hiyoshi too can come with his family.


Kawe dah move away from clinical immunology. Kawe punya research concentrate on elucidating basic immunological principles, not applied usages such as more specific tests.
Nak balik sekarang jugak kalau boleh. :D

My favourite cousin? Does that mean you are the BP, iKelah?
*big grin*

Ikelah said...

tak guna layers untuk superimposed. gambar unmodified, cuma cropping,unsharp mask/smart sharpening jika perlu dan correct the exposure/brightness/contrast dengan levels. itu pun tak pandai sangat. mereka yang pandai guna curves, better correction dan lain-lain. izhal mungkin tau kot. sis dia sah tau.

dislocation of TM ada juga yang regular datang... the same person sebab dah dah sublux.

BP tu cousin kita di temerloh. Bontot Pulau.... the name of a kampung related to the island that lies left to the bridge on the way to KL, old road. si aopen ni, kita panggil dia BP masa dia active irc dulu.

nanti u balik... kita plan retreat kat redang....i dah sound boogey untuk check rates tru his agency. ;)

azahar said...

tkasih dr.

mynn said...

with GIMP i also recently baru belajar macamana nak modify levels, unsharp mask, sharpen. i tak pandai lagi guna curves too ... (but currently learning)

best lah belajar photoshop & GIMP .. i'm currently going through many tutorials. bila dah pandai nanti i plan to do what i said above -- mix and match foreground & background. oh ye Ikelah, nak suggest a place for you to put your photos:

lebih kurang mcm photopages however, MUCH more slick & professional looking. lagipun boleh letak many2222 pictures on one page.

if i'm good at taking pictures like you, i would have signed up ... unfortunately i have no good pictures to share... :)

Ikelah said...


saya malas sangat ikut tutorial yang disediakan. i just ask here and there from friends, trial and error, tips from magazines etc.

Thanks for the info and i had signed up teh very same day. Nice layout and i am yet to discover and learn what tabblo has to offer. hanks again for the info.

As for your picture, you produced good macro and stills.